Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #23 - Wednesday

Been running after our cat (once again) as he was panting during the morning but didn't eat or drink or really even react to the fact that I poured the water on him.. D: I've also been writing a bit and I got postcards once again! :) YAY~

I also got my money for the summer and as I only had 8 stamps left I went online to buy stamps.. And let's just say that I'm nearly 100€ poorer less than 2 hours after I got the money :) I just hope these would last the whole summer - or at least until July when I have my birthday and I think I've been telling everyone to buy me stamps and I think I'll beg my parents to buy me Stella's Compilation CD :) NEED to get that even though it's available in Spotify and I loathe the 5 new songs they put to the CD.. Those sound like they were made in a hurry and just put there so that people would buy the CD even if they already have the 4 earlier CDs :/ BUT I NEED TO GET IT!!!!!!

But to the mail~

Postcrossing card from Malaysia :) I REALLY like this one :)

Kawaii/Cute RR - DisneyxPixar from Taiwan
Cars 2 card :3

and Toy Story 3 stamp :3

the 2nd postcard from my Japanese postcard pal :)

and a new stamp :3
Hopefully I'll be able to mail a letter or two tomorrow!! Need to write a letter a day until I'm all caught up! AND I'm already 3 letters behind (started June 1st :))


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