Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #23 - Tuesday

Woke up late, did some test runs with cosplays and went to pick up the mail and to my surprise I got letter from USA, 7 postcards (5 via postcrossing) and a package via sendsomething!! No better photo of the letter as it was typed on a white A4 paper :)

Blurry picture of everything :)

Package from Indonesia included black tea, 2 (unwritten :( ) postcards and a small package...
Love the stamps BTW ;)

And in the package was a key chain, a coin, another Jetoy card (seriously people, you're spoiling me!! ;;__;;) and a small notebook :)
And the postcards~

Kawaii/Cute RR - MoominxKotovasiya from Russia :3

Another Kaori Wakamatsu's illustration from my Japanese postcard pal :) Too bad only one of the 2 cards she sent arrived today :)

the stamp is gorgeous as always - she uses special stamps whenever she sends something :3

Handmade postcrossing card from Russia - AMAZING! :D

Flowers from Ukraine via postcrossing

Serenity (movie - has anyone seen it? I got interested :D) postcard from USA via postcrossing

Looks a lot better irl.. Scanner destroyed the colours ;;__;;
Siitake's (Japanese illustrator) illustration from Japan via postcrossing

My first Angry Birds postcard from Finland via postcrossing :D

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