Friday, June 7, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #23 - Thursday & Friday

I finally deleted the option of commenting anonymously - mostly because over half of the comments I've lately gotten have been spam and it's really tiring.. And if people don't have the guts to comment without being anonymous, then don't.. This is to save my nerves and time as browsing through 10 comments with 8 or 9 being spams is REALLY tiring :)

As I was busy (read: mostly lazy) yesterday I didn't post about the one postcard I received - and in a way it was a great choice - received my stamp order, letter and 5 postcards today!! :)
And the letter is from D who has her birthday today!! Happy birthday hunny!! Can't wait to see you in July!!! ^^

But to the mail~


Kawaii/Cute RR - DisneyxPixar - from Taiwan
UP is probably my favourite Pixar movie :) But I also adore Toy Stories :3


Kawaii/Cute RR - DisneyxPixar - from France
I almost forgot all about this short film!
Boundin' - go check it out if you don't know it! :)

Roses from Netherlands via postcrossing

Guitars from Germany via postcrossing

My 3rd ever 3D card from Netherlands (earlier I got those from Japan and Netherlands) via postcrossing

Rilakkuma card from my Hong Kongese postcard pal B :)
Letter from D :3
Can't wait to meet up!!
 STAMP ORDER: As I said, it was over 90€~
2 Moomin sets - 6 stamps and matching postcards per set :3

2 different EUROPA stamps (2011 and 2013 - the 2012 version was HORRIBLE), Fashion stamps from 2009, Autumn stamps from 2012 and this year's Valentine's stamps

More Moomin stamps, flowers from 2012 and "The prettiest outhouse of Finland"

FINALLY got some of those berry stamps :D, bouquet, flag stamps, pets and last year's Valentine's stamps which I LOVE.

Tomorrow Kim will force me to buy the fabrics for my Tracon cosplays (or else I'm never going to do that) and we'll be going to Stella's gig :3 SO EXCITED!! :3

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