Monday, June 3, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #23 - Monday

The heat just continues~
It's been over a week since it rained and it's been between +25 and +30 here in Southern Finland - even warmer in LAPLAND!! It's not normal that we have such temperatures already in May/June.. And Spring was one month late!! And then there's been news that there's some snow and temperatures around +10 in the central Europe.. WHAT IS THIS? :O How come Finland enjoys (or suffers - had terrible headaches throughout the week) this heat? :O
It's so warm that even I was managed to get to a nearby pond to swim - the water was cold as expected (I usually swim for the first time in August when the water really is warm.. Or don't swim at all during the summer!) but it was so refreshing after suffering throughout the day - running after our cat who's suicidal.. Seriously! How many black cats try to commit a suicide by sleeping under the sun when it's nearly +30? D:

But to the mail~

Polina Yakovleva's Illustration from Russia
via postcrossing forum (Moomin/Wishlist card tag)

the stamps :)

2 Garfield cards I purchased from a Finnish online auction (unwritten) :)
and a letter from Germany

Here you go~ A couple of pictures of my darling helping me unpack :)


  1. Your cat is very cute! You received some nice postcards :)

    Bye! Nathalie

  2. Send us some of the heat, lol...we're almost drowning in rain here...most of the time that is. My poor cat was sick about a week ago...she probably caught a cold or so...

    So cute those pics of your cat in the cat also loves to hide in boxes :)

    1. Send some of the rain in here! :) My mum's garden is dying and needs to be watered daily.. And my cat will die one of these days unless he realizes that it's better to stay in shade and drink.. :)
      Saw news that there are actually floods in central Europe.. WHAT IS THIS? :O The rains are supposed to be in here throughout the June! :O

    2. You can have all the rain you want from here, lol. We've had enough... And yes, there are floods here...and they say that some rivers haven't had that much water in over 50 years...
      From time to time they also say in the news that some people drowned in the floods, because they weren't careful...

      Your cat is probably enjoying the Mollie sometimes looks out of the window all sad, looking at all the rain outside...

    3. Seriously?
      People have even drowned? D: That's terrible!!

    4. Yeah..but in a way it was their own fault, at least with some of them...when they decided they had to walk (or cycle) through roads that were closed due to being flooded...