Friday, June 21, 2013


And back about 3 days in advance due to various reasons.. (I'm writing this on Thursday evening - as SOMEONE still owes me some photos from Desucon and couldn't send the dropbox and such links to me while I was offline~)  I'm happy to be back early as I'm all bruised up - I look like I was assaulted but I was just playing with my cousins for 3 days in a row and I was kicked, punched, wooden objects were thrown at me, headbutted.. You know, that normal stuff that happens when you're with 2 hyperactive boys.. I also got a HUGE pile of mail which I'm SO happy about - still haven't read the 2 letters I got as I had to catch up with everything that has happened online since I left RIGHT AFTER DESUCON!!! ;;__;; So of course there were 52 notifications in facebook (most about cosplay), 102 blog posts to read in blogloving - 10 about cosplay, 62 penpalling/postcrossing and I'm still whining about everything I went through.. Like 2 postcards and multiple text messages and calls to Kim Mon-Wed weren't enough :) But at least I managed to write a couple of letters during the 3 days - will be posting about the mail (scheduled) tomorrow and Sunday as I decided to spend internet free Midsummer anyways and I REALLY want to get at least 2 LOOOOOO~NG letters written this weekend so I can go and mail those, swap and a possible surprise at the same time when I go and pick up the finished commission from Curious :3 I commissioned her in December and it's READY!!!;;__;;
I'll also try to post the pictures of my incoming mail.. But the pile of postcards is HIGH.. I didn't even count those yet.. Bet it's something like 20+ cards....... (edit: 23 postcards in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + a swap and a postcard purchase with a total of 22 cards.. so 45 all in all :)))

But I guess I could walk you through the weekend and the couple of days in my aunt's cottage before I get back to those mail updates for the next months - next convention I'm attending will be held in September!!! ;;__;; (EVEN THOUGH SPOONY IS COMING TO ANIMECON IN JULY 13-14 TO TALK ABOUT FINAL FANTASY AND HAS Q&A SESSION!!!!!! ;;__;;)

Kim's version of Desucon can be found HERE~  Go through the rest of her blog for pictures of photoshoots and such~ ;)

Photos (Fri-Sat) © Kifia Photography/ElyonToWendy
Photos (Sun) © Ane-Ue
Retouch - Kifia Photography

Woke up at 5.30am after sleeping for approximately 4,5 hours, had to get up, check everything is with me and left to Porvoo around 7am - woke up Kim and she was waiting for me at my school - we drove to the nearest store parking spot and went to my school at 8am to pick up my laptop back from 1 month long repair (it's so nice to have all my files and photos back :3). Unfortunately I hadn't checked that the IT guys start their job at 9am when the school is "closed" so we sat there for a while - luckily the nicer IT guy was in the info and saw us :3 He came to us, I told him that I came to pick up my own laptop and return the laptop I got to use during the repair. Took a while to find my laptop but I got it in the end and it works PERFECTLY~ We went to the store to buy breakfast - I'm really bad at eating during early mornings so I was starving before 9am :D Then we headed to Helsinki to go and buy Kim a new wig for her Beast cosplay. We were in front of Punanaamio before 10am and after that visit we headed back to Porvoo to get Kim's sister - Kim also needed to pack the rest of the things and I was so happy to see their youngest chihuahua (only 4 chihuahuas~) :D

The day involved a lot of "fighting" before we even got to Ninnu's place and convention around 5pm..

Met up Joonas and Sestra outside the convention to get my ticket and 2 Alice in the Country of ______ mangas (I think I got the Clover (Cheshire Cat Waltz)  and Joker ones from them).. And off we went inside, walked around a bit (I think I did a lot of sitting with Kim's sister Elyon and we went to take some photos of my fem!Kyo (Fruits Basket) cosplay and Elyon's ADORABLE Stitch kigurumi :3 I think we got back to Ninnu's place after 9pm since I was complaining a lot but it still took until midnight before we got to bed.. :D

Fem!Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket~

It was cold and windy as it had been raining and I only had shorts and a t-shirt :)



Woke up early just to get to the convention area around 9am to get good seats for Hall Cosplay and Euro Cosplay Preliminaries (I was the one after the good seats and I was nearly yelling at everyone).. In the end we got to the convention area around 9.15 and we got seats from the third row (you're welcome Kim).
After that I went up to the changing rooms to pick up Kim and Elyon and we went to the nearby park for almost 2 hours long photoshoot - 2 cameras and 3 girls~ We got LOTS of nice pictures :)

Hikari Konohana from Strawberry Panic!

me fixing Kim's wig~
And no, I didn't know the skirt was THAT short~

I can be cute as well!!
After the photoshoots I wanted to change my wig and clothes and we did~ Hanged out until 7pm with a yukata Kim had made for her Cloche cosplay and I had my favourite brown wig~ ^^
The cosplay competition was nice but afterwards I was tired as we hardly ate or drank anything (it's the same with every convention I go to~)

I also got two nice comments from a cosplayer I really look up to (you know who you are if you ever read this).. Last year I wore Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson from Desucon and apparently the costume had looked fine on me and my favourite compliment came out of the blue with almost intimidating look: "You're not fat!!"


Probably my favourite onvention day as our group was GORGEOUS if I say so myself and I really enjoyed every minute of it (sorry if I sounded a bit bitchy to someone who tried to talk to me.. I had a really tight schedule to hold on to as I was picked up from there already at 2pm and even though we were supposed to be at the convention area LATEST at 10am we were there at 11am.......).

So we nearly ran to take photos and I feel like I only sat down for some minutes.. :DD It was just SO great~
THANK YOU to everyone~

Noah's Arc Circus from Kuroshitsuji (manga)

Hanskuinen as Joker
Kim as Tissit Boobs Beast
Ninnu as Peter
Elyon as Wendy
Me as Doll

Probably my favourite picture from the whole weekend~


As I'm all bruised up and traumatized - here's a couple of pictures from those days :)

Paid "ONLY" 45€ (~$60) for these 3 mangas..

Got an early birthday present from my parents :3 LOVE Union Jack on everything :3

Postcards from Art Alley (Desucon)

Postcards from Art Alley (Desucon)

My room at my aunt's cottage (I was starting to clean up, I swear!)

view from my window :)

View from where I was writing :)


  1. Those Art Alley Moomin cards are great :)

    1. I know >3< The one who sold those Nuuskamuikkunen cards was a bit surprised when I nearly ran to her and asked whether the one she had on the table was her last card of him :D
      And then I bought the other one from her neighbouring table >3< LOVE conventions as I love getting those special cards<3 The sellers have drawn those themselves and then come there to sell some<3 I think I've bought cards from one of the girls before :)

    2. They've drawn those cards themselves? So cool..I wish I could draw like this...