Sunday, June 30, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #26

Finally hit 550 sent postcards in postcrossing which means - 20 postcards can be travelling at once :3 YAY~!!
And for a couple of days I had 2-3 postcards more on received than in sent cards and then BOOM - 5 postcards I've sent are all registered within 2 hours.. :D WHY does this happen??
2 postcards are now expired from 2013 - to Portugal and France and all of the 20 postcards have travelled 1 - 18 days :3 So now everything is going just fine~ :3

A couple of (letter) pictures are missing because I can't find my camera anywhere!!! D:
Will add those to next week's outgoing post~


to Malaysia, Russia and Lithuania
envelopes of postcards for Bree and my Lithuanian and Russian postcard pals - forgot to scan the cards X__x and a bunch of Porvoo cards via postcrossing................. (too tired to show the same boring Porvoo postcard each time..)

Kawaii/Cute RR - MoominxKotovasiya to Russia

Kawaii/Cute RR - MoominxKotovasiya to Russia

to my Japanese postcard pal

to my Japanese postcard pal

to my British postcard pal and Amit
to UK

via postcrossing

to Belarus

to Netherlands

to Brazil

to Japan

to Canada
Linda Peltola's Fairy card to USA
Append Hatsune Miku to Taiwan

Snow White to New Zealand

to Finland

Jetoy to Switzerland
Anna Petrova's card to Luxembourg!! :3
YAY! A new country to the sent list~ :3
Letters etc.

a thank you envelope for Essi :)
to Germany

to Germany
See how I try to get rid of my letter papers and sticker so that I could go and buy some new ones? :D

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #26 Tue-Fri

Tried to stay offline for this week and gave my internet away (I still used my old laptop and my brother's new fancy laptop when I needed to look up something).. I hoped this would make me write letters but of course the humidity and high temperatures had to come then and I've been more or less like our cat and just laid on the floor most of the time..

I even got some mail but everything has received more or less "meh"-reaction from me as I don't seem to have the energy to read the letters or cards.. :( Of course we live in one of the warmest spots of the area!! :(

But I've decided to try and stay away from my laptop Mon-Fri and only spend it during the weekends (or when I REALLY have to~). And I try (once again) to save up every letter I receive during July for my birthday so the blog will probably be a bit quieter with incoming mail - only postcards will be posted here~ :)
And this will hopefully make me write more so that I can have a letter reading party on my birthday~ :3


Another new Jetoy to my collections :3
via postcrossing forum - Kawaii/Cute RR MoominxJetoy from China
Card from my South Korean pal

from China via postcrossing

from Belarus via postcrossing
The letter (from Germany) I was waiting to receive last week came in a partially transparent envelope with the South Korea - Germany stamp my pal promised to send to me when we talked about stamps in facebook :3 And Sentimental Circus + Rilakkuma papers!!! ^^

Went to pick up the commission Curious mailed and I got to say I LOVE it!! It's beyond perfect *__* I really want to start commissioning people more and more :3

from Germany via postcrossing

from Netherlands via postcrossing

from Taiwan via postcrossing

from my British postcard pal :3

from Kim (1/3)

from Kim (2/3)
The card is JUST for me :DD

from Kim (3/3)
Misstigri card :3

Letter from Germany :)
And no mail on Friday :) But I did manage to get my writing mood back as the temperatures went down to 22ºC :3


Friday, June 28, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader Followers!

 Google Reader retires July 1st and I wanted to say goodbye to everyone who doesn't follow me via bloglovin'.. All the lovely readers I've gathered via blogger disappear just like that :(

Moving to Bloglovin' is easy and so far I LOVE using it - I can put the blogs I follow to groups and I always know which blogs I've read and which are still unread (handy when I stay offline for a couple of days/a week). If you'd like to keep on following me there's the link on the upper right side of my blog - under the banner :)

If you don't know how to move the blogs you follow from Google Reader to Bloglovin' check this link: :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #26 - Monday

At first I was thinking of posting all of these on Friday as the weather is draining all of my energy and I just lay half dead on my bed even though there are loads of books to read and letters and postcards to write D:
Even my cat is staying so still that I have to check a couple of times an hour that he's still alive.. D:

But I got postcards~
3 via postcrossing (one double again D: Don't people check what I've received - at least from their country?!? D:) and 2 via postcrossing forum (Kawaii/Cute RR ^^)

Double from Netherlands :(

Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) card from Russia

from Germany
This is my favourite card via postcrossing for a while :3

from Taiwan (Bug's Life~)

from Taiwan (Ratatouille - Your Friend The Rat short movie :))

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #25

Written and Sent

to Germany

to Maria/Finland - with the one Jetoy card from China that I already had myself ;)

to Germany

to Germany

to Germany (I think)

to South Africa

to Germany

to Finland
to Kim (bought the card on the right while she was still thinking of buying it :D)

to D/Austria



to Malaysia

Hopefully more writing next week, after Thursday I've been busy trying to find out how to store my letters as I rarely throw anything away (I even tend to keep the letters of pals who stopped writing to me after just a couple of letters) and bothering my dad by asking when my closet will be ready.. :) Oh and picking wild strawberries from our garden! Got nearly two litres this morning! ^^ And I've been cuddling with my cat while trying to decide whether I'll be going to Animecon (July 13th-14th) with my brother after all as Spoony (The Spoony Experiment) will be one of the guest of honors~ And I've been watching all the FF videos by Spoony once again in case I'll go there and spend my last remaining money for the tickets :)