Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend! + Written Week #18

After the 38 pages long report about a package tour (I had chosen to write about a package tour to Japan) and the changes to the ledger book were made I decided to take it easy and relax before the next deadlines and exams. :)
I managed to write my part to my pal's travelling notebook (she wants people to write about one city/location in their country where they should visit) - of course I wrote about Porvoo, packed a birthday present for Maria (okay, her birthday isn't before May 22nd but still~ I just knew what to send to her so~ AND I started cleaning and packing a bit.. And decided which long awaited cosplay ideas could become reality this summer.. :)

The gorgeous notebook I'd love to have :D

The pages I'm quite pleased with - I'm NOT artistic - never have been..
The package with all sorts of goodies and 2 Kiroileva Siili cards :3 She loves those hedgehogs so I decided to send my last 2 cards to her :3
Say hello to my wig box~
6 blonde wigs....... YAY. One of my brown wigs is in a separate bag and one is with Kim.... D:
One genderbender cosplay I'd LOVE to do because crossplaying doesn't work for me anymore.. :)

And the original reason I bought the wig.. :3 We'll see if we get this one done as it was supposed to be ready in Desucon Frostbite 2012 :DDDD
Talked about cleanliness with someone - all of those are penpalling related things.. :DD Letter papers, stickers, envelopes etc~ :)
And a picture I found from my laptop :3 It was taken a week before D moved to Austria.. And even that headband is gone now :( My brother threw it to the washing machine by accident and it broke :(


Letter to D

Moomin/Wishlist card tag to Russia

Moomin/Wishlist card tag to Russia

Anime/manga postcards tag to Hong Kong
Kawaii/Cute RR - Disney/Pixar to China

Kawaii/Cute RR - Disney/Pixar to Finland

Kawaii/Cute RR - Disney/Pixar to Taiwan



  1. Is that genderbent cosplay going to be Kyo? Because I saw beads and an orange wig and my mind about flipped.

    1. Yes~ :D It's going to be Kyo :D I only need to paint the blue beads to red and get a couple of other things and it'd be ready~ ;)
      I've wanted to do Kyo since forever but due to various reasons I don't think I could pull a proper crossplay so genderbent it is~ :DD
      And I have plans about one other genderbent cosplay with my friend and as it's already been crossplayed once within my friend circle it's going to be easy to make.. I hope :DD