Monday, May 27, 2013

Stuff + Incoming Mail Week #22 - Monday

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Weekend was nice as I was doing the final packing - I'll be going to my apartment tomorrow to clean up and then I get to give up the keys!! ^^
On Saturday me and Kifia went to have a photoshoot after MONTHS - last one was in August before she moved away. The best part of it was that I had no idea what the shoot was going to be about - I only asked about whether I need my wigs/clothes during it and what kind of a bra would be best (with or without straps). And on Saturday she returned my favourite (and first) brown wig and brought her shoes and a sailor dress and told me to dress up and put on the make up. The dressing up and shoot took about 2,5 hours in total (most time took the make up as I hadn't put on fake lashes since February and there was actually something wrong with the other lash - couldn't blink after the first time I put it on - it ended me being in tears and ripping it off just to put it on again....).

As she hasn't yet edited or published any of the photos I'll also just show some previews of what the photos were like (okay, I've used one of the unedited photos as my profile pics in twitter and postcrossing and one not that great photo was published in twitter but that's it). I just got to say that this is probably my favourite shoot to date. LOVED it. :D Even though it was a bit awkward to have people staring at you as it was a bit cloudy and we went to shoot around the riverside of Porvoo - loads of people and tourists......

© Kifia Photography

On Sunday on the other hand I was more or less sick and just laid in bed all day complaining that I felt like shit - and as usually no one believed me until I managed to get up and looked like I was dying - sorry for anyone with whom I talked yesterday. I didn't feel that well and every bad thing felt million times worse..

Here's a blurry picture of my current cosplay project that I started yesterday and ended up with black paint all over my fingers - blue beads to black~:

But now to the mail~

Moomin/Wishlist tag from Russia

GORGEOUS postcrossing card from Russia
And a long letter from Germany with a photo of her Moomin DVD collection :D Guess who's jealous! :D