Saturday, May 4, 2013

Postcards I like..

As some Finnish bloggers have done lists like these I thought I'd be a copycat and do one as well :)
This is the list I have on my postcrossing profile (eek! You can find it now!)
I'll add my collections as links after the wishes :) But the colletions of Chetkova's and Yakovleva's cards were named before I got to know the names so just "illustrations from Belarus/Russia"

If someone would be interested in a swap or something send me an email or leave a comment and we'll talk about it~ :)

SUOMESTA:  (From Finland)
★Linda Peltolan kortit (varsinkin keijut :)) (Fairy cards of a certain Finnish artist)
★Muumit (MOOMINS!)
★Muut "piirretyt" kortit (other illustration/drawn cards)

★My favourites (
★FROM BELARUS: Natasha Chetkova's cards and fauna of Belarus.
Misstigri cards!!
Kaori Wakamatsu's illustrations
Camilla d'Errico
Final Fantasy and other game cards
Polina Yakovleva's illustrations
Fantasy cards - Esp. Fairies + Phoenixes
Paris/London/Berlin/New York cards
★Angry Birds
Disney and Pixar cards
★Gorjuss (and other Santoro cards)
Jip en Janneke
Belle and Boo
Anime/Manga (Especially HAGAREN/FMA, Pokémon and Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler)
Rilakkuma/Sentimental Circus
Hello Kitty
Moomin cards♥ :3
★ANYTHING related to Australia, UK, New Zealand, Japan, China, Vietnam, South Korea and African countries, even if you're not personally from there :)
Flowers(roses, lilies and cherry blossoms are my favourites :))
★Colourful cards
★B&W cards with one colour standing out
Doctor Who cards
★Flag and map cards
Alice in Wonderland cards

Cards I DON'T like that much:
-Religious cards
-City views
-Christmas/Easter cards

~ Lily

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