Friday, May 24, 2013

Postcards from the Spring Fair.

Moomin cards - mostly 0,5€ per card
Others - 0,3€ per card or 2,5€/10 cards

Most of the Moomin cards have Swedish text on them but I just HAD to buy those!!

Stamps - Kim was nice enough to buy those 2 1st class stamps for me (+ subway sandwich and ice tea) in exchange for a blonde wig :)

Some older Moomin cards :)

I LOVE these :3

My favourite Moomins :) I don't know whether I can give up the right one :3

Garfield and Looney Tunes cards

And 10 (6 different) Anne Cresci postcards for 2,5€!!!


  1. Haa bongasin kortin joka itelläkin on! Vikan kuvan alarivin vasemmanpuolimmainen :) Kaikkia kivoja muumikortteja oot löytänyt!

    1. Noi Crescin kortit on aivan ihania<3 en ite oo vaa kaupois nähny 2011 jälkeen :( Minne lie kadonnu ni 30 senttii kappale ei ollu paha hinta :D Onneks kävin katsastaa kojut!

  2. I like the last once! they look very very beautiful! :D

    1. I know! >3< I love those and I just had to buy 10 of those the moment I laid my eyes on those :DD Only 2,5€ for 10 cards while back in 2011 I paid 1,2€ for one of those when those were available in normal stores :)