Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photoshoot + Stuff + Incoming Mail Week #22 - Wednesday

Yesterday I didn't get any mail but I did manage to finish my moving and brought the last things with me to my parents' place :) I also spent the day with mum in Porvoo! We went to this secondhand store I didn't know of and I met an old classmate or mine - haven't seen her since I was 14 or 15 and we were almost neighbours this year!! We went through all the flea markets, talked about stamps/mail (she's not interested but I still told her about the upcoming rise in postage prices and about the new EUROPA stamps - she on the other hand told me how the post bus worked when she was little), went to eat sushi, bought postcards (I got 2,5€ from her and bought 5 Moomin cards - there is this lovely store "Sadunhenki" in Old Porvoo where Moomin cards are cheap even though there's the price tag of 1,2€ printed to the back of the card :3 The owner is SO nice as well :) She's always up for a chat! ^^) and went through all the small boutiques in Old Town (I found SO many things I want to buy - for example a box that looks like a HUGE book!! I seriously need to spend 20€ to get at least one of those!!).

One of these

And two of these :)

Today I helped mum outside in her garden and took a 2 hour long nap (5-7pm) due to a horrible head ache - thanks Kim for waking me up ;)

Kifia posted the pictures of our shoot yesterday. Too bad she didn't choose to edit that many of my personal favourites so I'm only posting 4 of the 10 photos she published~ Check her blog to see the rest of them ;)

Photos, editing and styling © Kifia Photography

She clearly doesn't really like when I have my mouth open/"pepsodent" smile ;)

Today's mail came really late - I went to check the mail twice and got nothing and as our neighbour had some mail in her post box so I gave up (we have 2 neighbours and as we live in the middle of nowhere - next houses are 1-3km away from our mailboxes which is why we don't have locks on our mail boxes.. :)). After 9pm my dad went to put some envelopes and such to the mail box (we live in the middle of nowhere so we get to send mail from our own mailbox - we have this small badge we put on and the mailman/woman takes the mail and sends it forward - love how it works so I don't have to cycle 6km one way to the nearest box to send my letters and postcards :))

Postcrossing card from Japan :)
"Lolo and Lulu" :)

Anime stamp :)

Amazing card from Amit :)

LOVE the polarbear stamp!

And a private swap with Nathalie :)
Thank you!

LOVE the butterfly stamps! :)


a little late but that's better than never, right? ;)


  1. Miksi aina käytät peruukkia?

    1. Why do I always use wigs in the photographs? Or what? :)

      In photoshoots I'm NOT the one who decides the style/styling so I go with whatever I'm told to wear - this usually includes wigs as my own hair is quite short and it's next to impossible to make it curly :) And I love long hair and changing my hairstyle :) And most of the other photos I publish here are from conventions where I use wigs due to the cosplays (I don't have the possibility to change from having short black hair to long yellowish blonde overnight without wigs :)) and peer pressure. :)

      As I don't usually have anyone to take photos with/of me and I don't like selfies there are almost no photos of me without a wig :)