Sunday, May 12, 2013

Outgoing (+Written) Week #19

After I got the new stamps on Monday and I finished my PowerPoint presentation I decided to start working on my replies as I was BORED.. There's no better time to write letters (when I'm not bored I'm usually chatting with someone online or in the rpg forum = no letters are written).

And apparently Kim is mad at me because I spent all my money on stamps.. We were supposed to go buy some fabrics for the cosplays we're doing in September but..... Oh well.. Snail mailing is my priority anyways~ We'll go shopping in June :DD And I only need like one meter of fabric to one of those so~ :P

Short letter to Germany with a new Moomin stamp :3
Is it just me or does Cinderella look a bit bitchy?
Another letter to Germany - I'm REALLY behind with my mail.. X__x sorry about that..
Luckily this week I only have a presentation and maybe one exam..
All of my free time will be spent writing. I promise.
Except for Sunday. That day is dedicated to mum.
It took 36 days for my last postcrossing card to reach USA. 36. DAYS.
So I decided to try my luck with one of the last postcrossing cards I'm sending and as the American receiver wanted something mail related here is what I could come up with. Carl and Ellie from Pixar's UP. With a mail box.
Maria's birthday gift (even though I'm still waiting for her reply :))

Private swap to UK

Postcard to my Japanese postcard pal (1/2)

Postcard to my Japanese postcard pal (2/2)
Postcrossing card to Germany - I still have like 30 of these cards D:

Polar bears to Finland (postcrossing)

Jetoy to Poland (postcrossing)
Letter to Germany

Package with the travelling notebook to Germany :)
Kotovasiya - Wishlist tag to Russia

Kotovasiya - Wishlist tag to Russia

Postcrossing card to New Zealand

Postcrossing card to Canada

Postcrossing card to Hong Kong
Due to the moving and the fact that my old laptop crashed and I lost all music (and my CDs and DVDs have magically disappeared - anyone know where Big Bang Theory DVD or Maybee's 2nd CD is?? Those are the ones that I REALLY need back X__x) I didn't really write during the weekend and tomorrow I need to pack at my apartment as well as study for the exam~



  1. Puhuitko siis viimeisistä postcrossing korteista :O? Aiotko lopettaa koko homman :S?

    1. Ainaki kesän ajaks (olin tauolla lähes koko vuoden 2012) ku merkkien hinnat nousee ja oon työtön :) Ja pitäs keskittyy enemmä kirjeisii heti ku viimeset kokeet on ohi :)

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