Sunday, May 26, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #21

As you might have noticed there was no outgoing mail last week due to my move (I'm still moving), it was the last week of school before my summer vacation - still can't believe I have summer vacation!! and my dad had his birthday last Sunday so I spent the weekend outside helping my parents with my mum's garden, watched ice hockey with daddy (too bad Sweden won instead of Switzerland!! :( They would've deserved the gold medal!) and realized that apart from my Portuguese friend I might have been the only one of my European friends who didn't watch Eurovision at all but I knew everything that happened thanks to second by second tweets and facebook updates.. And let's not even talk about how *WELL* Finland did.. ;)

OH! And the postcrossing card I sent to Taiwan (3rd time) finally arrived 115 days after I got the address. And I just LOVE the thank you message she sent me...

"Thank you for senting me three cards.The reoson I didn't regist, is that I can't find you.Do you know what I mean?""

No, I don't know what you mean because there has every time been the right ID number and my postcrossing profile name. (I have photos of the other sides of the cards so I have no idea why there has been a problem to register the card if she has received all of those -__-).

Postcard to Kim (1/3)

Postcard to Kim (2/3)
Kaori Wakamatsu's illustration

Postcard to Kim (3/3)
St. Pancras (Pancakes) Station
Postcrossing card to Japan
Private swap to Japan (1/3)

Private Swap to Japan (2/3)

Private swap to Japan (3/3)
to my Japanese postcard pal (1/2)

to my Japanese postcard pal (2/2)

to Czech Republic via postcrossing

to Belarus + Denmark + South Africa + Netherlands via postcrossing
new countries

to USA via postcrossing (thanks for the card Maria~ :))

to Germany via postcrossing
to Ukraine via postcrossing

to Italy via postcrossing

to Belgium via postcrossing
Letter to South Korea as she's going to Canada any day now and I HOPE she receives the letter before that :)
Postcrossing card to Germany

Kawaii/Cute RR - DisneyxJetoy

Kawaii/Cute RR - DisneyxJetoy

Kawaii/Cute RR - MoominxKotovasiya

Kawaii/Cute RR - MoominxKotovasiya

Private swap to China

Private swap to China

ps. No letter/postcard writing on Sunday because of a clean up.. My current room looks like a frigging warehouse with all the bags and the cardboard boxes..


  1. That's really weird with that one postcrosser...makes you wonder why now after receiving the third card she all of a sudden "found" you...unless she had some problem with reading the numbers, but I can't really imagine that, since numbers are usually easier to read than maybe someone's handwriting...

    1. I don't think my numbers are that hard to read and there's always the
      "Have you received a postcard without a Postcard ID or it is incorrect? We can help search the Postcard ID for you."
      option when you go to register the card - thanks to this I found the ID of the Wall-e card almost immediately!
      So there shouldn't be that big of a problem..

    2. Yeah..I was just wondering if maybe in Taiwan the people write the numbers in a different way, but maybe they use the same numbers as we do...not sure about that. Maybe it's just their alphabet that's different.
      I just know that Arabic countries write the numbers differently from the way we I thought maybe it's the same in Taiwan...

      I recently had something weird happen as well...I sent a card through a tag in the postcrossing forum..and then waited for the person to say something about getting the card or not...when she didn't, I wrote her asking if she got it or not, and she replied saying that she hadn't been home and that she'd let me know when she gets home. And a while ago she wrote me a message in Finnish...but we had written in English before and I didn't mention anything about Finnish to her in the messages I sent I'm kinda confused about that now...

  2. Ihana tuo vihainen muumipappa ;DD

    1. On! Ja päinvastoin ku muut Muumit sain sen 30 sentillä :DD Oli pakko ostaa kaks XD