Monday, May 6, 2013

New Stamps~

I got the money, paid bills and rent AND bought a birthday present for my brother.. After that I went to the post office and nearest store. BAD idea. I had counted very well that I would have bought 70 stamps + 2 packages + sent one package and it would have cost like 65€. Turned out I had TOTALLY forgotten about the EUROPA postal car stamps - ended up buying 20 of those and BOOM. Goodbye 80€. And the survival mode is on..
Luckily I do survive a day or two without any food.. Or I could survive a whole week with porridge.. It's cheap.........

But yeah, sent over 20 pieces of mail with the stamps I bought and now I'm calculating how much I'm allowed to spend per week during May :)

The lady in the post office gave me a bag for the stamps :)

And the stamps~
Bought 2 sets of each BUT 3 sets of those Moomin stamps >3<
Spent one set of that bouquet stamps and Noux Nationalpark sets for the postcards and letter I sent.



  1. Nauroin :) Noinhan siinä yleensä käy :)

    1. Niinpä.. :)
      Tuet ku tulee ni ekan viikon/päivän elää iha kute normaalit ihmiset ja sen jälkee siirrytää puuro/nuudeli dietille :)

  2. Noita muumi-merkkejä on munkin pakko saada, tosi ihanilta näyttää *-*
    Mullekin tuli tuet just ja tilaukset on jo lähtenyt menemään vaikka minne:D Ei ollu ehkä ihan järkevää laittaa kaikkea rahaa melkein menemään, mut mun motto onkin et raha on luotu tuhlattavaks ja elää sitä nuudeleillakin :D

    1. Ne on TOSI sulosia ja hahmoihi on käytetty erilaist paperii kui siihe itse merkkii ni ne tuntuuki hauskoilta (sama Priority merkis >3<)
      Niimpä! Ite sain kaikki mahdolliset tilaukset tehtyy ja onneks pakastimessa on ruokaa, ku muuten en varmaa pärjäis iha koko kuukautta jäljelle jääneillä rahoilla! :')

  3. I love your stamps! they are so special!!
    unfortunately they have no special ones here in Belgium.

    1. But don't you have the chocolate stamps this year? :)
      I think that's amazing!! :)

      And to be honest I think those crazy Finns stamps are just creepy and the National park stamp could be better :) Last year's national park stamp was SO much better :) Bouquet and postal cars on the other hand are quite nice :) And those Moomins have finally come after MONTHS of waiting :D

    2. I just looked it up! and you're right! we have chocolate stamps :D I think I needed to go to the post office again :p

    3. Absolutely :D
      I wish we had something like that in Finland! Chocolate stamps would be awesome.. I even heard that they smell like chocolate! :DD