Friday, May 17, 2013

(more or less) Unopened letter sets/sheets

While I was packing I also went through my letter supplies - writing papers, stickers, postcards and such~

Realised that I have way too much letter sets and I won't be buying anything in a LONG while.
Still (more or less) untouched letter sets and pads: (I'm a hoarder when it comes to letter supplies.)

Bigger papers - London, Paris, Union Jack, Amy&Tim, Hello Kitty and 2 misc. papers :)

Amy&Tim :)

Misc. small sets and smaller pads/letter papers :)

Fairy Tales :3

UK sets + Selfish Cat's town pad

Sentimental Circus :)
And this doesn't include all the sets that are opened X__x Oh gosh..
I think I need to go through all my supplies soon!

~Lily (most)

Everything is purchased from:
Postcardgarden (Finnish site)
Flea markets


  1. hihi, you can never have enough writing paper xD,

    1. Exactly :DD
      I'd like to buy more Sentimental Circus and Fairy Tale ones even though I still have some unopened :DD

  2. I think I should maybe start buying letter paper online as well...those letter sets I bought have the exact same amount of paper sheets and envelopes, so I have plenty of spare envelopes since I usually use more than one sheet in each envelope...