Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mailman + Incoming Mail Week #22 - Thursday

I've come to the conclusion that something has happened to our mailwoman :(
The mail has come extra late this week - never before has it come after noon and this week it has come during the afternoon.. :/ What has happened?? D:

AND. Today when I went to pick up the mail one of the postcrossing cards was laying on the ground. It was windy so if I would have taken even 5 minutes longer the postcard could have disappeared..
Seriously? Are the postcrossers and pen pallers only ones who understand the value of mail?!?
If you're supposed to put the mail in the mail boxes could you make sure that everything goes into that box?!? :(

So yeah, I was a bit upset about this.. Wonder how many postcards have disappeared thanks to this :(

This adorable bird card almost disappeared!! :(
From Germany via postcrossing

Coffee card :3 from Germany via postcrossing - there was less than 150 numbers between these IDs :DD

Love the stamp on the righ :3


  1. The bird postcard is so cute...I wonder if I can find it here somewhere...
    That's sucks that the card almost disappeared...maybe you have some replacement mailman(-woman)..for the summer maybe...who doesn't know the area very well? We had one like that once, after our normal mailwoman fell down somewhere and couldn't distribute mail anymore (she still isn't back, no idea what's up with her)..and we got some young guy instead and it took him like a long time to bring our mail, I guess he had a hard time to find the houses and all...
    at that time mail sometimes came as late as 4pm...
    Usually it's here by 2pm by the latest...
    When was the latest you've gotten mail so far (before now when it's taking so long)?

    1. Hopefully you can! :D It was a card from 2012 so it's quite new.. And I LOVE it >3< So cute~
      I think she has been replaced for some time as I haven't seen her or the car in a while.. :/ And she used to be punctual! The mail NEVER came later than 11.45 - sometimes earlier but never later so while the mail is being distributed between 12 and 2 I'm a bit worried.. :(

  2. I understaind your problem, I have the same with my mailman. He never arives at the same time. So most of the time I go looking to my mailbox (it is standing outside) again and again until I find something. xD
    And days when there is no mail, what can I say? Than I had a good work out :p
    but it can be very frustrated too! Especially like you when they aren't careful with the mail! :o

    1. At my parents place the normal postwoman (she's around 50 years of age) is here usually at latest by 11.45 - most of the time she has already visited 11.15.. And this has been the same thing for YEARS - parents have lived in this house for 7 years and we've always had the same postwoman :/
      I think there's a new guy/gal due to the summer and vacations as our postwoman has always been extra careful with the mail! :( I've seen her MANY times and she's extra nice and always gets off from her vehicle to drop the mail to the boxes.. Even though there are only 3 mailboxes.. :/