Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's May :O

Going to be an empty outgoing mail week.
I slept on Monday and worked on my NOW finished 38 pages long report about package tours on Tuesday and Wednesday (+ Thursday afternoon and evening). Thursday morning I spent at school working on my pricing excel sheet (from 8am to 11.30am) and 12-1pm I was on a lecture (visiting lecturer from UK :3).
From tomorrow on I still need to work on the excel sheet as well as with 2 or 3 small school related things.. BUT SCHOOL ENDS IN ~2 WEEKS!!!! ONLY 2 MORE SCHOOL WEEKS AND IT'S DONE~ I'M FREE IN 15 DAYS!!!!!
Maybe then I can start writing daily.. Too bad I tend to get the inspiration to write letters when I'm supposed to write assignments, like during these last 3 days.. :)

But probably next week will be better as....
FINLAND ISSUES 6 NEW MOOMIN STAMPS ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!! :DDD Guess who's going to the post office first thing in the morning :D

And to the end the feeling I get whenever I finish an assignment or report...

Here's the frigging assignment.


ps. I'd like to thank my brother who always helps me with the assignments by changing my passwords to twitter, blogger, facebook and the forum when I'm struggling to start/continue/finish the assignments ;)

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