Saturday, May 18, 2013

Incoming Week #20

Great week as school ended - I passed all of my exams and I started packing and moved some of the first things :) Continuing that on Monday and on Thursday I'm meeting Kim and on Fri-Sat I'm probably having guests over at my apartment before the last things are packed :)
But this week was a GREAT mail week!! LOVED everything I received on Tuesday and Wednesday :)


Kawaii/Cute RR Disney/Pixar from Finland :)
My first Cars card :3

Private swap from Belarus :3
Natasha Chetkova's card :)

stamps :)

And one sided A4 letter from South Africa..
This is her second letter :/

Diddl card from a German pal

Sydney Opera House via postcrossing :3

The stamp is adorable :3 I remember my great uncle showed us that Kookaburras are quite picky about what they eat :D There were some sausages that even these birds didn't touch :')

Poscrossing card from Ukraine :)
I actually like this card :)

Natasha Chetkova's card from Belarus..
Too bad this is a double and both are via postcrossing :(
From Germany via postcrossing..
I don't like multiview or really any tourist cards :/

A beautiful Maiko card from Japan via postcrossing.

the stamps

Anime/manga tag from China
Nunnally in Wonderland

Kawaii/Cute RR Disney/Pixar from Japan


Private swap from UK
Moomin-Doctor Who

and my first Doctor Who stamp :3

Not Your Country Tag from China

Anime/manga tag from Japan :3
She chose the card from my favourites :3

And she used Hello Kitty stamp :3

Anime/manga tag from China - LOVE the card!!

Business casual due to a "company visit"
Thanks N for letting me use your jacket. Luv you.

Letter from a Canadian pal I didn't think I'd hear from again :)

Letter from Maria :3

And a card she included :3

Postcrossing card - Chinese ID but the card and stamp are from Singapore :)

My first postcrossing card from Turkey

I think I like the stamp more than I like the card :D

Moomin card via postcrossing!! ^^
Never seen this one before :)

And a lovely German penpal sent a card from my postcrossing favourites :3

New stamp~

Lovely kitty card from Netherlands - via postcrossing

All mail came from Germany :D

Letter from Ai-chan after months and months :D

Postcrossing card from Dresden - I actually like this one..

And a Berlin card from a pal who's on his way through Germany :)
Love the fact that I recognize most of the sights :3

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  1. Love all your mail, especially the Anime/manga tag from China. :)
    Like your blog too very much! :)