Friday, May 10, 2013

Incoming Week #19

No mail on Friday meant 2 postcards and a letter on Monday :3 And as the mailman apparently doesn't know where to take my letters to (I'm moving soon so I'm distributing my address to be but the letters end up coming to my current apartment with one day's delay).
And the holiday on Thursday meant one mail day less.. :( Luckily the loss of my own computer didn't affect me that badly as I got a replacement laptop, mum visited me on Wednesday (I also saw a childhood friend on my way to the store - his little daughter is ADORABLE!) and on Thursday Kim came to visit me (she came back to Southern Finland on Wednesday!! :3 I'll be able to see her more often!!) which meant no writing, packing or cleaning like I had planned :) And on Friday after school I met N and we went to eat sushi and I dragged her to 4 different stores where I purchase my postcards from :) Saw loads of adorable cards I would've liked to buy :3

But thanks to Kim being here we've been talking 'bout "normal" and cosplay photoshoots!! :3 YAY!!
And I got to talk Kim to come with me to see Stella during their last Tavastia gig!! My favourite Finnish band is disbanding ;;__;; But at least I get to see them for the 3rd and last time..


My second Misstigri card :3 From Belgium (don't know the sender though O__o)

Western Australia card from an Australian postcard pal :) Too bad this is a double for my collections :) But I still love it!
Letter from Germany :) I'll be sending the travelling notebook back with the reply to this letter~


Cartoon/Comic tag from China

Anime/manga tag from USA

Letter from Germany


Package from Lola (I saw it in her blog about a week ago and have been waiting for it since) and envelope full of postcards from Kim :3

Fairy with Phoenixes

EDO!!! :3

Kitties!! :3

Continuing with the Tangled stickers :3

And to Lola's package:

Puzzle :3

Lovely message behind the puzzle :3
Love her handwriting SO much :3


Sticky notes :DD


Kitties :3


And the 12 pages long letter :3

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