Thursday, May 23, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #21 - Wednesday

Rainy day - spent it inside with my cat, met the postman at the mail box and got 4 new Pixar cards to my collections :)

Need to go back to my apartment to pack at least Thu-Sat :)

Private swap from Japan (1/3)

Private swap from Japan (2/3)

Private swap from Japan (3/3)
I LOVE Japanese stamps :)

Rilakkuma card from China - Wishlist tag :)

New Minnie Mouse card from China - Kawaii/Cute RR - Disney/Pixar

Oh how I wish the Mickey stamp wouldn't have been printed on the card ;;__;;

Flower card from Germany via postcrossing

Wall-e card from USA :)
Probably via postcrossing - no ID or tag name and I don't know anyone named Diana :(

And Pixar stamps :3

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love those four Pixar cards and also the Chinese stamps. Its really a pity that the Mickey Mouse stamp is printed on the card but it looks quite cute!