Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #21 - Tuesday

Got my brother's birthday present a week later than I was promised - thank god his birthday is next week! And I almost stepped on a viper on my way to pick up the mail (I live in the middle of nowhere and I see at least one viper during the summer - usually those are dead though). So I tried to avoid it and luckily I wasn't bitten and even the snake managed to survive without my mum coming to kill it :) Beautiful black viper..

But to the postcards I received~

Shaped Moomin card in a First Day Cover >3< Too bad the stamp was Moominmamma instead of Moomintroll :)
LOVE the card!!
From Finland via postcrossing

Another card from my Chinese postcard pal :) Love the cards she sends me :3

And once again there were decorations and wonderful stamps :)

Chuck travelled to Scotland (to see Raven) and since I wasn't able to go I told them to send a card to me (at least 1000000 times) and they did! :3 LOVE it!
Thank you sweeties~

From Japanese postcard pal (1/2)
I LOVE these Japanese postcards :3

A new Kaori Wakamatsu card for my collections :3
from my Japanese postcard pal (2/2)


ps. Happy Birthday Maria~

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