Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #21 - Monday

I'd like to know whether you people want me to post about my incoming mail daily or weekly. At the moment I'm okay with either way - Incoming posts could be published Monday-Friday (or Tuesday-Saturday like this week) and outgoing mail would still be up on Sunday-Monday depending on when I get the time to post that (and if I remember to schedule that).

So - would you like to see daily or weekly incoming mail posts? :)

Paper Cut card from China via postcrossing - in only 9 days!!

I REALLY like the stamps :)

Red kangaroo card from Australia via postcrossing :)

Via postcrossing :(
I like cards of capitals and when my pals send me cards of their hometown/city or from their travels but I hate when I get these from postcrossing, almost all come from Germany just like this!!

LOVELY new addition to my collections from a Chinese postcard pal :3

I LOVE receiving her cards because she always decorates the backside :3 And the stamps are lovely :)

Letter from South Korea - my only foreign pen pal from 2009 (when I started writing with foreigners) :)
This came to my apartment but luckily I'm still moving so the letter arrived when I was destroying a beehive that had been built in my room as I had forgotten to close the window for the weekend~


  1. Replies
    1. I need to decide what to do during next week :3 As right now one of my friends has said that she likes to see nearly daily updates.. :)

  2. I like the daily updates as well...but maybe you could make it depending on how much mail you get (or think you're going to get)...like if it looks like you're not getting a lot of mail in one week, then maybe you can make weekly updates, and if you get lots of mail, then maybe daily ones...but maybe you get lots of mail all the time...lol.

    1. Haha :D I never know how much mail I'll receive as I'm currently a bit behind on my replies and I'd say that 99% of my mail is postcards and currently I'm not really a part of any tags and my postcrossing cards are almost balanced - 507 Sent and 504 received :)

    2. Seems like today and yesterday you didn't get much mail...or haven't you had time yet to post received mail?
      Somehow I have received more postcrossing cards than I've sent (well, I've sent more...but two of them expired)...so currently I guess no postcrossing cards are on the way to me...

    3. Yeah, that happens usually - you get more cards that you've sent and when you have stopped and start postcrossing again you must pass the number of received cards before you receive more..
      Or so I've understood - I had 2 received cards more than I had sent when I started postcrossing again :)

      I haven't received any mail on Tuesday or Wednesday and even if I had I don't think I would have had the time to post those as yesterday I came home after 6pm - finished moving out and now all of my belongings are at my parents' place.. Today on the other hand no one got any mail and I've suffered from a major headache and slept most of the day :)

    4. It kinda seems weird to me though...since I think then that somehow when cards of mine got registered, two people got my addy at the same time...otherwise I can't imagine how that can be...
      And the two cards that would make my number equal again, have expired...and I wonder if they ever get registered...
      and I've sent such a nice card to that girl from Russia...I want her to get it..but she hasn't been online in 25 days...

      Sorry to hear you hadn't been feeling good...hope you're feeling better now :)