Friday, May 3, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #18

Card from last week:
That I forgot to scan..

Rilakkuma card from a Hong Kongese postcard pal :)

Jasmine tea + note from Indonesia via sendsomething

Visited the apartment in the morning (after 7am to drop off my stuff and head to school - spent Mon-Wed at my parents' place) which is the only reason I know that the teas didn't come on the same day :)
Got Mondo (Finnish travel magazine) even though I had cancelled the subscription about 2 weeks ago. So I called the customer service and only waited for 15 minutes~ Well, at least I got a free magazine :))

Envelopes :3

Another tea from Indonesia via sendsomething

Stamps :3
Took my parents' printer/scanner with me so that I can scan the cards I'm sending and receiving~

Postcrossing card from Russia

Polina Yakovleva's illustration from my Russian postcard pal :3
No mail on Friday apart from a bill :)



  1. Voikun on sulonen toi viimeinen kortti. :)

    1. On! :) Polina Yakovlevan kaikki kortit on ihan älyttömän suloisia!! :3

  2. I love the stamps on the envelopes from Indonesia. The two postcards from Russia are also very beautiful!