Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Day~

Woke up after 5 hours of sleep, took my stuff and drove to my apartment just to pack - my last school week just started. Been listening to music (managed to get something back to my iPod after my old laptop crashed and I lost all of my music.. Thank gosh I have CDs!!) and trying to clean up and pack.
After 10am I decided to check possible elective studies for next year and one of my possible favourite is "Blogging" :) Wrote a 300 word long writing sample for the teacher (Why I like studying). I also noticed that after I took all the elective studies that sounded interesting or useful (First Aid + Career Planning and Job Application Process) to me, I will be able to get the student grant next year even if I live at my parents' place before I leave for the work placement :) YAY~!! So I only have to struggle for the summer without proper income :)

And even though my room looks like a bomb just exploded in here I've managed to get rid of some stuff and went through on what I need to take with me when I move :) Gonna chance the address to my parents' place during next week as after this week I'll probably only come to my apartment now and then to clean and pack stuff - need to move by 5pm on May 31st :)

This is what my room currently looks like (it's cleaner compared to what it was when I took down EVERYTHING)..

And some things I've already packed..
And the best parts of my current playlist...


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