Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Going crazy.

Only HOPEFULLY 2 more days and I can start my summer vacation and move all my stuff from my apartment to my parents' place!! I'm seriously going crazy as exams are hellish (had the last proper one today - did it with a computer so guess how many times I had to restart the whole exam~) and it's nearly impossible to reach teachers - sent 4 emails to one teacher within 10 days and I had to come to school early tomorrow in order to confront him face to face to get the time for the oral exam that I need to pass in order NOT to retake the whole course next autumn.

Let's seriously hope that I did pass the exam we had today (I DON'T WANT TO RETAKE IT ON FRIDAY!!) so that after tomorrow's company visit and the oral exam on Thursday morning I could concentrate on moving and looking for my Big Bang Theory DVD. SERIOUSLY! How can I lose a DVD box that's so important to me?!!?!?!?

I've received a couple of comments (that I haven't published yet) and emails about being pen pals/postcard pals - sorry that it will took a while longer from me to reply to those. I'd rather have everything in order before I even start going through those.. I promise you'll get a reply during the weekend when I'm settling down and have a plan on what to do - all of my stuff need to be put to my parents' storeroom or my old room which is currently being renovated - I don't have a shelf for my books or a closet in the room!! I've heard promises of those being built in there but we'll see... Let's hope for the best but expect the worst, right? :)

After I'm done with the school and almost done with the moving and packing (yesterday I only managed to pack some things as I started panicking about the oral exam and so on - yes, I've finally realized that I'm perfectionist and a control freak) I'll concentrate on finding the work placement for January-May and write loads of letters and postcards :)


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