Saturday, May 11, 2013


Went hunting for Misstigri cards for myself (Kim told me that those were available in one store in Porvoo - but GOD those were hidden well!!) and Garfield/Snoopy cards for a swap.. :)

3 Misstigri cards for my collections (as soon as I get those back written) and one card that was just so much like me that I couldn't leave it there :3

Tiimari was a good friend with Snoopy...

...and Garfield cards :)

And as me and my BFF exchange postcards we do it so that we send usually 6 cards to each other - 3 written and 3 unwritten. The unwritten cards are for the recipient to write on as we both have loads of cards we want to keep but for example I HATE having unwritten cards in my collections so we send back and forth loads of cards and usually we keep on telling each other how pretty other one's cards are (like my fairy with phoenixes card :3)..

This is what I got from her this time - the left ones (3) are mine and I'm going to send those six on the right back to her..
I WANT TO KEEP THOSE KAORI WAKAMATSU CARDS.. (Actually I'd love to keep all of those.....)

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