Monday, May 6, 2013

Cards sent May 6th - written earlier......

Anime/Manga tag to Poland - Scanner didn't like me :(
Anime/manga postcards tag to Hong Kong

Postcard to a Russian postcard pal (1/2)

Postcard to a Russian postcard pal (2/2)
Via Postcrossing
Took all the addresses I could and sent a couple of cards all over again :)
And of course I took the scanner from my parents' place to my apartment :3

Toy Story card to Netherlands

Mosquito card to France

Porvoo card to Belarus

Winter card to Ukraine

Cat card to Taiwan

a 3rd card to a Taiwanese postcrosser who is online now and then and has registered and sent cards during April and May.. :/

2nd card to Belgium to an active postcrosser

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (Ciel + Sebastian) card to Romania

Reindeer warning sign to India

Porvoo card to Japan

Another Porvoo card to Russia

Limoon card to Australia

Reindeer card to Latvia
Moomin card to Germany

Aurora Borealis to China

Lapland/dog card to Brazil


  1. I like those anime cards especially the Black butler card...

    1. I still have loads of those :DD
      Too bad the card is rather weak and those are better to be sent inside envelopes :S