Sunday, April 7, 2013

Written/Sent Week #14

No scanner for the next 2 weeks even though I was planning on waiting to use the scanner with all the cards..
Oh well.. Here's a picture of everything written/sent this week - taken with my crappy pink camera :)

What's missing here are 3 swaps to Spain, Netherlands and Poland and a package I FINALLY managed to send to Germany (letter+Moomin tea were waiting to be sent since the end of February -__-' )

=Wishlist tag= to Japan

=Wishlist tag= to Turkey
Postcrossing card to Latvia (because cards to Portugal and Belgium will probably expire.. Haven't been online in over 20 days :( and it doesn't usually take 30+ days for mail to travel from Finland to those countries.....)

Kawaii/Cute RR - Disney/Pixar
to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore

Postcards to Kim :3 - Received
Cartoon/Comic tag to China
Postcards plus something extra to my postcard pal from Hong Kong

Postcrossing card to Belarus

Disney Princesses card to my Japanese postcard pal
I really don't like what they did to the Princesses D:
Another Disney card for the same Japanese postcard pal

My favourite Lapland card to Amit
Moomin/Wishlist card tag to Germany
Kotovasiya - something from your wishlist tag to Russia

Cartoon/Comic strip/Anime postcards tag to China
And I managed to write 5 pages of a letter to Maria before I lost all energy, started freaking out and so on.. Maybe I finish it tomorrow..?



  1. I really love that "8 seasons of Lapland" card..would love to have it one day...:)

    1. I know! I will hoard those the next time I'm going there :D