Friday, April 5, 2013

Received March 28th + Week #14

Fittingly enough my April Fool's day ended with a fever and a horrible headache ~ guess who had just ran out of painkillers and had forgotten the new package to her parents' place :)

But at least I had a couple of postcards waiting for me when I arrived back home :)

Thursday March 28th

To Heart Postcrossing card from Japan

Haven't seen these stamps before :3

Postcard from my newer Chinese postcard pal

Love the stamps and EVERYTHING :3

Anime/manga postcards tag from China

Postcrossing card from Netherlands

Postcrossing card from Netherlands


Spent the entire day in bed due to fever. Mail came around 11am and I barely managed to drag myself to get those..

Postcard order from Satuarkku I don't remember ordering, sticker order from Etsy and postcard from my older Chinese postcard pal :)

The Etsy stickers I bought after Yoshi blogged about these

And the postcards

And I don't really care for dogs D:

Postcard from the Chinese postcard pal
Fairy postcard from Amit :)

I seriously adore the Indian stamps! :)
Postcard from a Lithuanian postcard pal

My second Angel Sanctuary postcard! :3
Cartoon/Comic tag from China

Postcrossing card from Ukraine

Postcrossing card from Ukraine

Somehow I REALLY like these stamps :)

Cards that I made Kim write and send back to me :)
I don't keep unwritten cards in my collections no matter how great those are..

Easter card from a German penpal :)

New Kotovasiya card :3
Moomin card/wishlist card tag

Cartoon/Comic tag from Hong Kong

Moomin/Wishlist tag
Alice in Wonderland from China

Postcrossing card from USA

LOVE the stamps :)

Postcrossing card from Belarus :)

Postcrossing card from Czech Republic :)
The guy had just been to New York :)

And a postcrossing card from Germany :)


Postcrossing card from Portugal

=Wishlist tag= New York card from USA
New Tea Tag from Russia
Cherry Blossom card from my Japanese postcard pal

LOVE the stamps :)

And the teas :)
I LOVE that "Princess Nuri" tea from Russia :3

ps. I'm FINALLY going to see Warm Bodies tonight with my childhood friend now that the movie finally came here!! We both read the book (bought the book for her as a Christmas present) and now we're going to see it on the official (Finnish) premiere :) I've only been waiting for this since February 1st when it came out in the States :) YAY!

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