Monday, April 29, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #17

Deadlines coming up but now and then I need a time off from school stuff and want to write to my pals as that's currently my only way of having social life as I'm more or less stuck in front of my laptop writing assignments~
That's of course when I'm not just sitting on the floor whining about school work with a cup of tea..

Little My card for Dutch postcard pal

Sami/The Lapp card for Amit

Letter to Germany
Letter to Germany
A Moomin card I've never before found anywhere to Hong Kongese postcard pal
Thank you card to Germany

Santa card + tea for Hong Kongese postcard pal
Kawaii/Cute RR #234 Disney/Pixar
to Ukraine

Kawaii/Cute RR #234 - Disney/Pixar
to Czech Republic

Kawaii/Cute RR #234 - Disney/Pixar
to Japan
And due to the fact that the rest (4) postcrossing cards are more or less stuck on their travel (card to Philippines got registered after 54 days of travelling and to my surprise cards to Russia and China were registered during the weekend, card to USA has been travelling for nearly 3 weeks, the Turkish postcrosser I sent the card to deleted his account before my card was registered, the Portuguese postcrosser has stopped exchanging cards over a month ago and I doubt that the card that has been travelling to Belgium for over 45 days is ever going to reach its destination..) I chose to send a couple of second (+one third) cards (pictures in next week's post) and take 2 new addresses just because~ (I know I'm going to regret it sooner or later... Gonna probably take new addresses next week after I'm done with the assignment....)

"Vintage(ish)" card to Finland via postcrossing- new address

"Baby" card to Germany via postcrossing - new address


  1. Thanks for the card!! I got it just one day ago and was very happy to get it.Your outgoing mail looks great!! My favorites are the vintage and Disney card...

    1. Good to hear that it arrived :)
      In my mind the outgoing mail doesn't look nearly as great as I wish it did :D Maybe I can fix it next week ;)
      I'm not that big fan of vintage cards and I wouldn't have had those if I hadn't received those as extras with another postcard order :)

  2. These postcards are awesome!! Your stationery paper is so pretty, too! I love it.

    1. :3
      The paper is Fairy Tale World by Kamio :) I've ordered those from Janetstore :)