Friday, April 19, 2013

Outgoing Mail Week #16

Slow outgoing mail week due to approaching deadlines..
(April 20th, April 24th and May 3rd)

Postcard for Russian postcard pal (Kuroshitsuji - forgot to take the photo of it -__-)

Some tea for Ninnu. I tweeted about tea bags I didn't like and she wanted those.. After talking over 40 minutes on the phone on Tuesday I packed 5 or 6 teas and sent those to her on Wednesday :)
And based on her tweet she loved those :)

Letter + Birthday package to Lola - it's SO late I should just crawl under my bed and die ;;__;;


  1. :O
    Im looking forward to my letter It looks very beautiful ;)

    1. Hope you'll like everything<3
      It will be really hard to open as the package is shut tight and I taped it really tight so that it wouldn't open during its travel :)

  2. Whiii ! I received the letter and suprice 2 days ago! :o it was so fast!
    THANK you verry much! I really really loved it!!

    1. I'm so happy it arrived!!
      I sent it in priority mail as it wasn't that expensive and I was just thinking and worrying whether it arrived or is it still travelling :)