Saturday, April 13, 2013

Incoming Week #15


Monday started okay with 4 postcards and when my parents visited me in the afternoon (brought some berries from their freezer for my new smoothie experiments) and gave me an envelope that had arrived to their address - a note with teas from Germany (from the girl whose letter I sent April 4th :S).

The envelope :3

Stamps :3

And teas + note :)
=Wishlist tag= from Berlin ;)

Postcrossing card from Belarus :)
I collect these Natasha Chetkova's illustrations nowadays :)

Postcrossing card from Germany..
Too bad it was home printed and the picture is as blurry as you van see :(

Private swap from Ukraine :)
Inge Löök's Old Ladies card for this one from my favourites :)

=Wishlist tag= from Thailand

Moomin card/Wishlist card tag from Russia
Polina Yakovleva's illustration :)

Postcrossing card - from my favourites :D

3 Cards from Kim :3
Shaped Jetoy card :3
And as I'm a HUGE fan of Tangled and Rapunzel..

Final Fantasy X-2 card -
Paine, Yuna and Rikku :3

Final Fantasy X-2 card
Songstress Lenne and Yuna

Postcrossing card from Netherlands

Postcrossing card from Russia

Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from USA

Card from D during her trip to Paris :3

Postcrossing card from Finland :3

Tokyo Troopers
Postcrossing card from UK

Postcrossing card from Czech Republic

Cartoon/Comic strip/Anime postcards tag from Japan

Thank you card from Russia

Postcrossing card from Netherlands - from Favourites :)

Postcrossing card from Germany

Jip en Janneke
from Dutch postcard pal

Cards from Polish postcard pal

And then I finally came to my parents' place for the weekend and I had received a package and a wedding invitation :)

Letter, sweets, Belle and Boo pen and a travelling notebook I promised to fill

Wedding invitation from my high school friend :)



  1. Great Incoming mail!!It looks like you have got quite a few cat cards in your incoming mail....I love Tangled too ( I wonder if its weird because I'm a guy and yet I like it)Anyways I just love that movie!!

    1. Surprisingly yeah.. :D But I bet my incoming mail starts to get slower now that I keep on concentrating on exams and assignments :)
      Yup :) Luckily I've written in postcrossing and in the forums that I collect cat cards and I keep on getting those :3
      I don't think it's weird that a guy likes Tangled :D I've met many guys who like the movie! Even my brother after I forced him to sit it through with me when I watched it for the hundredth time :DD It's definitely my favourite Disney movie :D

  2. That Moomin card is cool :)
    And there are so many beautiful cards with cats out there :)

    1. It is!! And it was my 12th Moomin card I've gotten since 2009!! And I frigging live in Finland :')
      I still can't believe all those Kotovasiya and Jetoy cards there are.. And then just normal cat cards >3< I need a huge box for those soon :DD

    2. 12 Moomin cards seems a lot to me, lol..but for you with all the cards you've already gotten it probably isn't...I have "only" 6 Moomin cards so far..but most I've gotten this year, lol.

      I haven't really seen any Kotovasiya and Jetoy cards yet, I think, just "normal" cat cards, but there are tons of them...I keep finding new cool cat cards :)

      (And regarding postcrossing, some day ago I got a private message from a new member, who wrote in that message basically the things you'd normally write on a card...when I told him/her that he/she has to send a real card, not a private message, then that member deleted the account...wonder what's gonna happen now, lol)