Saturday, April 27, 2013

Incoming Mail Week #17


From a postcard pal/Hong Kong
Better picture of the card

Postcrossing envelope
2 letters from Germany

Postcrossing package
The postcrossing card

Beijing National Stadium

New Year's Card
Anime/manga tag from China

Kaori Wakamatsu's illustration from Japanese postcard pal

Another Wakamatsu's illustration from the same postcard pal


Short note from Germany and a letter from Netherlands

The letter from my Dutch pal with Pickwick tea :3
Drank the Forest Fruit(?) one while reading the letter and I'm saving up the Apple one :3
Postcrossing card from India (my second postcrossing card from India :3)

Moomin/Wishlist tag card from Russia

Postcard from a Finnish penpal :)


Newest anime magazine~
Kawaii/Cute RR #223 - Disney/Pixar


Kotovasiya - something from wishlist tag from Russia

Letter and a notice that I had received a mail that was too big to drop to my mail slot :)

Huge package from Germany :)

My Samsung Galaxy Y as comparison :)

She reused the package I sent her :3
And oh my GOSH was the package full! She told me about a week ago that she had sent me a package and that she hoped I'd like it but I definitely wasn't expecting this!! And I only sent her some loose Moomin tea and papers!

Mostly Diddl papers (A4 and A5) and 2 adorable napkins :)

Some small cards, a couple of envelopes and small memo-papers (already used a couple of those for my current assignment in progress :))

3 pencils

Apple tea I fell in love with and lemon powder I absolutely adore - need more when it's sold again in Germany!! :3 Apparently it's only available during winter..

Some other teas, for example ginger and strawberry-rhubarb teas :3
Chocolate lollies to dip into hot milk (or so my penpal instructed me to do.. :D)

More tea :3


And even more Disney stickers :DD

And of course the letter (only showing the 1st page cause I'm a lazy photographer :))
Tuesday and Friday were my favourite mail days this week :) Next time I'll be getting my mail on Thursday.. Until then I'm hard at work with the May 3rd deadline :)


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  1. amazing mail :) Lucky you!