Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Got tagged again.

Once again I got tagged (by Hane) but as I already did one (though in Finnish) I decided to skip the facts, making new questions and tagging others.. And as I SHOULD be concentrating on various assignments now that the school week consists of 2 lectures and school ends in 5 weeks~ ♥ And as my rpg pal is at school my breaks consist of nothing else but thinking how I should go and cook.. But now I get to do this

All gifs and pics from weheartit

1. Tämänhetkinen suosikkikappaleesi?/Your current favourite song?
Oh gosh~ I don't know.. I love so many songs..
I can list the 3 songs I've been listening the most during the last 2-3 weeks? :D

The Wanted - Glad You Came
The Spill Canvas - Our Song
Natalia Kills - Free (feat. Will.I.Am)

2. Lapsuutesi lempikirja?/Your favourite book from your childhood?
I seriously can't remember actually LOVING any books before I was 10/11 and started using the local library like an addict.. From that time I LOVED and read the Animorphs (by K. A. Applegate) books that were translated to Finnish (1-20) and I think I still have the 2 books my mum bought for me on Christmas back in 2002 or 2003 - "The Visitor" (#2) and "The Stranger" (#7)
3. Paras TV-sarja?/Favourite tv-series?
Currently the only tv-series I follow like a slave is The Big Bang Theory. Haven't seen Doctor Who after season #6 and Once Upon a Time got stuck at the point where Emma climbed to see the Giant with Hook.. :) And the last episode of Beauty and the Beast I've seen is the 6th one.. Gotta start catching up during the summer~

Short answer: The Big Bang Theory//Vihaan sarjan vituilleen suomennettua nimeä.

4. Millaisella kameralla kuvaat, jos kuvaat ollenkaan?/What kind of a camera do you use, IF you use one?
Umm.. Mine seems to be..
Casio Exilim EX-Z2 (pink)

Bought it back in 2008 I think so it's QUITE old :D And as I usually use one of Kim's PROPER cameras when in conventions I don't need to buy a new one :)

5. Erityisen rakas albumi? (musiikkia siis)/The dearest album (CD)?

I'd say Evanescence's "Fallen" no matter how emo that makes me sound. It's the only CD I've kept with me ever since I bought it and which I can listen through without having to skip any of the songs (though I've always disliked "My Immortal"). And it "helped" me when I had my worst depression phases and kept me company when I cried myself to sleep as an emo teenager :) (+ Missing and Broken were just so amazing :3 Too bad those weren't included in Fallen ;))

6. Paras keikka?/Best gig?
ALL the gigs by Simple Plan!

The band sounds MILLION times better live :3
So far my most memorable SP gig of the 4 I've been to have to be the first one and the last one :)
First time I went to the Sound Wave when I was 14/15 and I had my dad with me (after that it's been just me and Kim going to their gigs and Kim taking pics of Pierre's ass ;3). They were amazing and they made me cry for being so amazing. I had started listening to SP a year before that and seeing them live in Finland was a dream come true for an emo teenage girl who listened "Welcome to my life" about 5 times a day..

The last one was a year ago - me and Kim were FINALLY able to go to the area where they served alcohol and didn't have to squeeze in with the teenagers who wanted to be as close to the stage as possible. (I almost got squeezed to death on Within Temptation AND The Living End (Ruisrock '09) gigs as I managed to get to the "1st row") We got a bit tipsy and had a brilliant time :)

7. Kamalin vuodenaika?/Worst season?
Winter. Too cold and too much snow.

8. Kauimmaisin maa/paikka jossa olet käynyt?//Farthest country/place you've visited?
Lived: Australia (Brisbane + Sydney)
Visited (less than 2 days): Malaysia
Visited  (more than 2 days): Montenegro/Albania

9. Paras kotimaan lomakohde? Jos et keksi, kaunein paikka Suomessa jossa olet käynyt?
Rovaniemi. No need to translate - the best place in Finland because of Santa, his post office and my BFF lives there. Enough said? :)

10. Puhutko murtaen?//Do you have an accent?
 In Finnish - no. I have lived most of my life 50km from Helsinki so I have the same frigging "accent" as the people have in Salatut Elämät and so - the "basic" Finnish accent.

Finglish - my native language, no problems at all.

English - Not the basic/stereotypical Finnish accent while speaking English.. Someone told me in 2010, while I was interrailing in UK, that I sound like a Polish person who has lived most of her life in England :)
I think I need to make a video one of these days..

11. Miten usein kuuntelet radiota?/How often do you listen to the radio?
About twice a week - whenever I get a ride.


  1. Kiva kun vastasit noihin kysymyksiin ^^
    Multa on vissiin menny se edellinen sit ohi~

  2. I loved that Big Bang Theory episode with those 10 (or more? lol) cats....

    And the Animorphs....they are great...I still love reading them now :)

    1. I know >3< It's amazing :DD Need to find the exact episode from my DVDs :DD

      I would love to read the books again :DD

    2. I don't even know which season that episode is from...lol...maybe season 4 or 5, but no idea really.
      I was in a store once and they had some TVs there and it showed The Big Bang Theory, and they showed the episode with the cats there, so I watched it. :) What a coincidence, lol

  3. thank you for the birthday wishes!
    and I know it is hard to remember everything.
    is everything fine? I didn't heard from you for a while,
    I know since last time that I need to have more patience,
    but I hope you didn't forget to send me a reply.
    but anyway have a nice day!

    1. I was supposed to send the package on Monday but due to various reasons it was postponed so I'm sending it tomorrow when I go grocery shopping~~ :)