Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Got sick on April Fool's Day.................

The week has been great - mail wise. Loads of cards came yesterday and today :)

And today is the first day after Monday evening that I actually managed to get up from my bed apart from trips to the bathroom or to the kitchen to make some tea (I'm all alone in the apartment ;;__;;).
But I'm still a bit unsure whether it's a good idea to eat or not as just thinking about food makes me sick D:

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Luckily I managed to get aspirin and other medicines yesterday when my mum and dad brought both me and my brother some food (I'm broke until tomorrow) so I got some more milk to drink with my tea..

I really need to get more of the chocolate tea ;;__;; I became an addict.. .__.

from weheartit
Hopefully tomorrow I'll manage to get up from bed early, pay the rent and even drag myself to school as I need to get a birthday present for my dear childhood friend (her birthday was on Sunday :S) and on Friday we're going to meet up and go to the movies :3

So far I haven't really been able to write anything this week but maybe if I manage to write the assignment I was supposed to do on Monday I get the time to write tonight..

Depending on how I feel after all the aspirins..