Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week #10

Pictures from this week~



My old bedroom was renovated :)

Something I brought with me from Berlin

Mum found some old stamps she bought in 1999 and gave them to me :3

Read Wither during my trip and loved it.
Bought Why We Broke Up on Friday for the flight on Saturday - still reading it.

Something else I also brought - hair dye - only 3€!!!! In Finland those are between 8 and 12€ D:, Some tea and magazines :)

DDR stamp for my passport from Checkpoint Charlie - the upper one is from my trip to Montenegro in 2006 :)

Magazines from ITB

My baby :3



  1. DAMN YOU, now I yearn to go travelling more than anything! Awesome stuff n_____n<3

    And I love the elephants;___;

    1. You seriously should go to Berlin<3 But I'd recommend having at least one week in there since it's so BIG.. I only managed to see the Eastern parts - mostly.. D:

      The elephants were lovely and the 2 weeks old giraffe I saw and and and.. ;;__;; All of the small animals were moving around.. Especially otters >3<