Monday, March 18, 2013

Surprise letter + Friday's mail

Cat woke me up at 5am (YAY~) on Saturday morning and after I got up I went through my old stuff at my parents' place, spent way too much time on a new RPG forum (still do) and finally managed to read the letter I got on Thursday evening.

The thick envelope - I met the pal in postcrossing forums 2 years ago and we started as "summer postcard pals" in the Finnish parts of the forum. I had 2 postcard pals for that summer but only she stayed with me afterwards :)

Withe 7 different teas in it!

NOT a fan of black currant but tea is tea.. :)
I also went to see my brother's theater show for the second time (it's still amazing) and went to check my mail as well as took some stuff I forgot at my apartment.

Postcrossing card from Lithuania

Postcrossing card from Northern Ireland
Today I'm cleaning up, packing and getting ready to wake up early tomorrow morning for my flight to Rovaniemi and the upcoming week in there watching over Kim's chihuahua, writing letters, finishing a couple of assignments and spending time with my BFF whenever she's not at school (the weekend and weekdays after 5pm.. :P)


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