Friday, March 22, 2013

Rovaniemi :3

So far I've LOVED Rovaniemi - they have nicer postcards in here (loads of Lapland and Aurora Borealis cards), the local sweets are amazing and I've already seen a couple of places where I'd love to work after I graduate - Who names their hotel "Santa Claus"? That's just brilliant! :D

The evenings have been spent more or less eating, playing with PS2 (Kim got a new dance mat! :D) and me taking over her apartment. :)
Choco has been a nice companion whenever Kim is at school and we even took a nap together on Wednesday (I had a migraine attack and slept for HOURS..).
On Tuesday Kim didn't have her class after all so we went shopping for food and I picked up 5 games during the trip and on Thursday I bought LOADS of cards (I spent tens of euros for nice postcards)..

And the song that has been playing again and again is Anna Puu's "Säännöt rakkaudelle" even though I HATE the song (I'm thanking Radio Aalto's ad that has been playing on tv a million time this week). And we both have been freaked out by "Secret Smile", Kim already said that she won't be able to watch Doctor Who with Tennant now that she has seen him act as a proper SCARY dick.. :S Even I had nightmares after the first episode X__x

He's such a cutie :3
I also started following Salatut Elämät for this week and BAM. The moment I start watching it they kill someone.. And Kim also made me watch Sinkkulaiva... I swear I have been scarred for life.

Buy 3 PC games - Pay 2 = 19,80€ :3

My new fav. game - I REALLY want to cosplay the elven girl now :3

I already finished her arc of the campaign :3 LUV her SO much :3

And 2 PS2 games I've wanted to buy from amazon but now that I found these from a gamestore in Finland I just HAD to get these :3
Mail post coming on Saturday evening because on Sunday we're going to the Arctic circle to mail postcards and letters I have :3
And this evening we're going to Choco Deli :3



  1. Roi on tosi jees :3
    Muuten, sieltä kirpparilta (apua, mikä sen nimi oli, siinä on hotelli lähellä, olikohan se joku löytötori??) niin löytyy paljon kortteja tosi halvalla :) Ite ostin sieltä ison pinkan

    1. On :) En kyl päässy käymää missää kirpparilla, mut Napapiiriltä, Kirjakassista ja Suomalaisesta tarttu muutama kortti mukaan.. :D Jos mä vaikka pääsisin niille kirppareille ens visiitillä :)