Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Postcrossing cards to Kim :D

I "hacked" into my best friend's postcrossing profile (I kinda figured she'd use the old password I know in there.. But on the other hand she also knows how to log in on some of my accounts..) and I decided to make her days a bit better~

I kept the password the same but changed the email for a while so that she wouldn't receive the addresses OR the comments when the cards get registered. I picked up 6 addresses, sent the cards and just waited for her to get postcards~ :D

I sent 6 Porvoo postcards as she is also from here~

The exact same card 6 times - from 2006 when the roof of the Porvoo cathedral was burnt
to China, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Russia and Belarus
I told her about the upcoming surprise and she guessed it was mail related but I don't think she ever guessed it would be like this~
I even made some small modifications to her profile as the last time she had been online was in 2011 :)

But even though I did this a couple of weeks ago she still hasn't received any cards..
Let's keep our fingers crossed :3


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