Friday, March 15, 2013

Picasa + cards from Berlin

After spending the whole day alone with my cat (he'd been running around, wanted to go out just to come back in after 5-10 minutes) I FINALLY managed to make a new Picasa gallery for the postcards I collect. Spent only 8 hours scanning the cards and battling with the Picasa "downloader" and I only have most of those up.. For example my Jetoy collection isn't all there and there are some other cards missing as well but these are the majority~ :)

My Picasa collections

And now that I look at it my Moomin collection is REALLY sad.. And I'm from Finland D: There's only a fracture of my received postcards but these are actually cards that I collect and want to get from swaps, tags and such..
And as I only keep the written cards (I send forward all the unwritten cards I get) some of my galleries are smaller than they could be :/

Postcard pals are welcome to grow my collections ;3

But here are the cards from Berlin I sent for my mum and dad~
Dad loves Soviet times and mum just wants tourist cards from the places I travel to (she has received a card from me whenever I've traveled since I graduated in 2010 - currently she has 7 cards +the Berlin ones on the wall - 1 from Lapland, 1from Tallinn and 5 from UK :))

Berlin Dom

And E was kind enough to send a picture of the card she received of Charlottenburg Palace

Tomorrow to see my brother's theater group and their show, visit to my apartment (because I left some yoghurt and milk there that will go bad before I come back in ~1 week) and probably a post of Friday's mail and the letter I got yesterday to my parents' place. :)



  1. Your postcard collection is amazing! :D It makes me inspired to make my own Picasa gallery for postcards, hihi

  2. Nice cards of Berlin...I've never been there.