Monday, March 18, 2013


Managed to pack up and clean up quite quickly (as well as update some picasa albums - Moomins, Jetoy, Fairies and such~) and I even got one postcard to my parents' address :)
A thank you card for one of the Berlin cards I sent~ :)

Mickey Mouse card :)
Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow's flight, excited to be able to get Heat magazine again (bought one for the Berlin flight - I'm a sucker for those gossip mags..) and trying to decide whether I need everything I'm bringing with me or not..

And Kim's trying to make me go to her school on one of the days - even though I'm currently having intensive week = one free week without classes/lectures BUT I do have some things to do - internet exam, report, assignment and I should start one big assignment...... Yay.


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