Monday, March 11, 2013

Mail week #10 Tue-Fri

I haven't picked up my newest figure yet so it will have its own post sooner or later~

Jip and Janneke card from a postcard pal from Netherlands


Newest anime mag~

Moomin/Wishlist postcard tag from Russia

Anime/manga postcard tag (+ letter and tea) from Germany

Private swap from Czech Republic... 2 teas :)

3 unwritten postcards - no viewcards from Hong Kong

Postcrossing card from Russia

Postcrossing card from Russia

Postcrossing card from Ukraine

Postcrossing card from Portugal

Postcrossing card from USA

5 postacards tag (can't remember the name or bother to check it) from Spain

Tätä kirjaa luen - hippa from Finland

=Wishlist tag= from Russia

Hearts tag from Japan

With a heart stamp of Hello Kitty :D
D would love that ;;__;;

Not your country tag from Lithuania

Private swap from Hong Kong

Moomin/Wishlist postcards tag from Estonia

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