Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Incoming week #13 Tue & Wed

Had to leave early to my parents' place so I'll get Thursdays mail later on (if we even get mail on Thursday.. Who knows~)


Postcrossing card from Thailand

Lovely stamps :3

Postcrossing card from Russia
Another postcrossing card from Russia

Postcrossing card from Taiwan

The stamps :3
"Winter night" by Daria Nyberg
Cartoon tag from Russia

Drawn by Zhu Leyao
Cartoon tag from China :)

Love the stamps and the awesome drawing :3

Finland to other countries tag from Hong Kong (Iron Buddha tea inside the paper :3)
Postcard + surprises from Hong Kong (postcard pal :))

The card :3

And the small surprises :3

Moomin/Wishlist tag from Russia - 2 Alice in Wonderland cards :3

Postcrossing card from Belarus
And a big envelope from China

With all this inside ;;__;; It was like Christmas all over again ;;__;; Have to send something back to her!!


  1. Tosi paljon kivoja kortteja. Varsinki toi Thaimaan kortti! :)

  2. You wrote "if we get mail at all on thursday"...does that mean that sometimes no mail gets delivered? Or simply that the mailman has nothing for you?
    Here at least I've noticed that on some days they simply don't have enough people to distribute mail everywhere...

    1. No, I meant that I have no idea whether it moves at all on Thursday as Friday is already Easter and shops, post offices and such were (some) closed earlier on Thursday :) For example a day before midsummer my parents won't get any mail at all (could also be because of the location..).
      But apparently the mail does get distributed a day before the Easter holidays start :)
      I don't think that the mail works like that in Finland - even if there are only a couple of bills or such to distribute the mailman does it.. But it could be also because the areas that each mailman has is quite large so there are quite a lot to distribute each day.. :)

    2. Ok...but what if the area that the mailman has is so large that it's impossible for him (or her) to do it in one day? Or if several people get sick and they just don't have enough people to do all the work in a day? Or are there enough mailmen in Finland so that there is never a lack of people?
      Our mailman (or better -woman, lol) had an accident and is currently unable to work and has been on sick leave for some weeks (or even months), and since then we have like a different mail person each day, and on some days it seems they don't have a spare person to distribute the mail in our area, so we go a day or even several sometimes without mail...
      At least when we once asked why we sometimes don't get mail, they told us that it is because there are not enough people to deliver the mail everyday everywhere...

      Something else...would you re-send an official postcrossing card if you have the feeling that the person received your card and didn't register it for some reason (and the person also hasn't logged on in 16 days...) So I kinda have the feeling it might be a waste of time and money to resend that card to Russia...

    3. The area cannot be so big that it's impossible to distribute the mail between 9am and 4pm each day, and so far I've seen that there are always people ready to do the work of the original mailman, for example when my parents' mailman has a summer vacation we have a different postman and he delivers the mail later than the normal one..
      And I don't think there is a shortage of people in the cities of Finland, for example I know that many of the international students make money by distributing newspaper and they do take extra distribution jobs if they can - money is always money..

      I always resend an official postcrossing card no matter what (even if they do not reply to my questions about the first cards.. Which is why I sent 2 cards to a Taiwanese postcrosser who quit postcrossing over a month ago and didn't log in since.. And I might have the same problem with 3 European postcrossers once again..