Thursday, March 14, 2013

Incoming Week #11 (Mon-Thu)


Package from :3

Sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood (mentioned in HERE) - the paperback was FINALLY released!!!! ;;__;;

Your favourite song lyrics tag from China

With all the goodies inside it!!! ;;__;; 5 unused cards, used stamps!!

Maxicard from my Chinese postcard pal - My very first maxi card! :3

And the backside of it :3
Postcrossing card from Estonia

East Asian Culture tag from China

Postcrossing card from UK

Unwritten even though I want my cards written :(

And postcrossing card from New Zealand :D
The moment I got the envelope I started bragging about the Hobbit stamps to Joonas :DD


Postcrossing card from Germany


Postcrossing card from Belarus

Card from my Swedish postcard pal - she's in Barcelona until March 26th :)

5 mix cards tag from Hong Kong

And my Tuesday's lunch (I stayed at home because of a sore throat and lack of sleep so Miso soup was a perfect lunch and dinner :3). Chuck had promised me to send her miso soups to me as she didn't like those and I think she remembers me eating nearly everything from Asia :D
I also got those 3 Little My stickers and a letter :3


Anime/manga postcards tag from China

New tea tag from Russia - 4 raspberry teas and one black currant tea :/

Postcrossing card from Netherlands :)

First of all the morning started with me realizing that our toilet was leaking. So a quick call to the janitor before I left to school to take a sort of an exam about the upcoming thesis.. And when I got home the mail was just laying on the floor while the janitor and a plumber were working on the toilet. But now it works just fine again!! Luckily the problem was really tiny :3
But now I'm packing my stuff and won't come to the apartment until March 25th (unless I won't get a lift to the airport on Tuesday morning, in that case I'll check the mail of Friday and Monday before I leave to Rovaniemi on Tuesday :3). So next incoming mail post will be coming during week 13~

But here's what I got today~ (camera doesn't want to work - again.)

Anime/manga postcards tag from Hong Kong :)

Anime/manga postcards tag from Taiwan

Love the stamps :3

Tätä kirjaa luen - hippa from Finland. New fairy card for my collections :3

Postrcossing PACKAGE from Portugal!!! Letter, 4 postcards and an AD of Alice in Wonderland as well as some used stamps ;;__;; Definitely gonna send something back to her!!

New Jetoy card for my collections!! :3 Postcrossing card from Taiwan

Amano hashi date (Heavenly Bridge) in Kyoto, JAPAN
Postcrossing card from USA
Postcrossing card from USA

Missent to Taipei.. :DD

Postcrossing card from Netherlands

And a new stamp :)

That's all for this week :)

Take care and have a great mail week~


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