Sunday, March 24, 2013

I *HEART* Lapland

Yesterday Kim forced me to go with her to burn some of her artworks (school related) with 4 of her classmates - I tried to stay at her place and said that I'd love to write letters but she made me go with her even though she clearly knew that I didn't want to come (I'm introvert and I don't like new people unless I meet them in a cosplay conventions/online.. Go figure..)

Anyways we went to Ounasvaara and they burned their works and me and Kim went to this tower where you could see most of Rovaniemi..

See how much I wanted to be there?
After we came down from the tower Kim and her classmates were eating sausages (eww D:) and we left. We wandered through the forest and I started whining how I wanted to go to the Angry Birds Activity park - which cheered me up a LOT (I seriously am the human version of grumpy cat when I want to).
So off we went to the Angry Birds park :)

Angry Girl

My favourite place near Kim's apartment :D
And the rest of the evening was spent at her place watching "Bounty Hunter" and planning today's trip to Santa's VillaGe/Arctic Circle (IT WAS MY 2ND TIME EVER IN SANTA'S VILLAGE :3)

Yesterday we also dyed my hair which was one of the reasons I didn't wear a wig today (plus we woke up quite late and had to leave in a hurry)

We arrived to Santa's village 11.30am and I was already running around - last time I were there was about 10 years ago!!

And one of the first things we visited was of course Santa's Main Post Office :3 And off we went to cross the Arctic circle :3

Me being the happiest girl there ever is - without a wig.

We walked around, did some shopping, almost met Santa (Kim didn't want and when I heard the meetings are broadcasted online I didn't want to go in either) and spent 1,5 hours sitting around as we didn't know the next bus to Rovaniemi after 1.30pm left at 3.40pm :S

BUT I visited Santa's Post office at least 3 times, wrote some cards, ate bacon kalakukko (SHE MADE ME DO IT!), bought way too many new cards and had fun :)

Writing postcards - Santa's Main Post Office :3
And 5 cards I wrote and sent today :3
First 4 to Bree, Aya, Lithuanian postcard pal and German penpal - can't remember who gets which so.... :S

One of my favourite cards :3
Santa card to a German penpal

And what I got from Santa's Village :D

From Santa's Post Office :)

From one of the amazing small stores :)

12 postcards for 6€ :)

Moomin bookmark :) Bought some cards with this one but I can't find those right now :)

Envelope with the special stamp of Arctic Circle + the date I visited the place :3
Gonna start collecting these :3

4x envelopes for Santa..
ButI got to continue packing (watching Tangled for the millionth time).. Train leaves from Rovaniemi 7.10am and I chose to walk to the train station so I leave from Kim's place around 6.40am and wake up 5.45 :)



  1. Beautiful post office!!! I wonder when I would be able to purchase stuff from Santa's post office. Thanks for sharing your experience with us....

    1. It was beautiful and the insides were just gorgeous :D I have a couple of videos from there but it might take me a while to upload those (unless my friend uploads those to her account before me) :)
      If you ever come to Finland you really should visit Santa's post office :) I seriously can't wait to get back there.. Maybe in the autumn..... :D

  2. Seeing those pics makes me want to visit Santa's post office as well one day...:)

    1. You really should! It was amazing though the prices were quite high as it's a popular tourist destination :)

    2. It looks like it's worth paying those higher prices though :)
      And I also like the "Kaksin karkuteillä" movie (Tangled) ...even though so far I only watched like half of the movie, lol.