Saturday, March 9, 2013


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Berlin was such a great experience that I can't wait to get back there as soon as possible (probably after I've graduated but still..).
At the moment I'm dead tired even though I was able to sleep quite well each night, I didn't stay up and partied that much (3 cocktails during the whole trip while some were partying every night). I spent probably 40-50€ on postcards and mailing those, saw the Berlin wall, Checkpoint Charlie, visited the Berlin zoo and nearly cried when I saw the primates.. Most of those looked like locked up humans!!!
I walked around the East Berlin with some company, ate the best desserts ever and felt like a professional in ITB Berlin. (World's biggest travel fair)

But as I'm currently at my parents' place (arrived to Finland at noon, local time (+2)) I won't be able to use my own laptop or see my mail before Monday when my dad drives me and my brother to our apartments.
Until then I'm probably spending most of my time sleeping in my old bedroom which has been renovated and it looks absolutely gorgeous (pictures coming up during next week). 

All in all I'd summarise the trip as perfect though from time to time I did miss my friends and I wished I would have at least someone with me who really knows me :)

Oh~ And peeps - if you receive the postcards from Berlin which I sent PLEASE send me a picture, would you? :) I wasn't able to take pictures as I sent those to nearly everyone and my days were quite hectic - I'm surprised I even managed to write the cards!!
And as my mum or daddy hadn't received the cards yet - though I sent those on Wednesday morning, I bet everyone else will receive theirs during the next weeks :)

But more about everything on Monday - I'll also postpone announcing the winner of my giveaway until Monday as I just can't spend that much time on my daddy's laptop in their kitchen.. :S


ps. in about a week I'm going to Lapland and hopefully this time there will be a photoshoot and I'll be able to visit Santa's post office :3

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