Sunday, March 31, 2013

Written/Sent Week 13

Easter holiday gave me more time to concentrate on letters and cards but unfortunately my long report about leadership (deadline: Saturday - thank god I got paired up on Tuesday, otherwise I would have written  it all alone X__x) took some of that time :( As well as my mum working me and my brother like slaves now that she got us here :/

AND I RAN OUT OF STAMPS AGAIN D: (Even though I visited the store/post office near my parents' place on Saturday.. I really miss the old lady who owned the store and was SO nice to everyone and even showed me ALL the stamps they had D: Now there's this overweight man who just gives you whatever he finds first D:) Will be mailing a package or two and buying stamps when I get money again - April 4th D: But some letters/cards might start travelling a bit earlier as daddy promised to help me with the stamps♥

But here's what I did manage to write/send...

And I bet everyone sees when I was at my apartment and when I got to my parents' place.. Scanner♥♥♥


For some reason cards seem to be more or less stuck :( Cards to faraway countries such as Belgium, Portugal and Turkey have either disappeared, decided to take a trip around the globe before arriving or all of the recipients decided it's time to take it easy and not register cards D:

After these cards I won't send postcrossing cards for a while (only exceptions being the possible 2nd cards if the card is still travelling 40-60 days after it was sent) - I've been neglecting my pen pals for a while and postcrossing is in the end quite expensive and I could send a letter with the same amount of money as I send the postcard... So my sent cards should stop at 485 for months :) At least I hope so.........

Card to Taiwan after the last one finally expired (4th expired postcard now that the Russian girl DID get the 2nd card I sent to her - the card traveled for "only" 84 days :)

And a nature card to Netherlands :)
Alice in Wonderland card to Finland (didn't know I had one!! - Have to go through my cards :D
Already received :))
to Germany (got the card from a tag - unwritten so I send it forward :))

Amy Brown's Fairy card to Finland
- same as before - got it somewhere but it was unwritten :(

Porvoo card to Australia

Map card of Lapland to Canada
One of the cards I bought from Santa's village to China :)
I don't really care for dogs but I LOVE these cuties as my parents' neighbours have two and they are the sweetest dogs there are :3
Wall-e card to Russia

Ratatouille card to USA

Reindeer card to Netherlands

Rovaniemi/Aurora Borealis card to Hong Kong..
Scanner doesn't do justice to this amazing card!!

And a card to Japan :)


Used stamps swap with A Chinese guy

Cartoon/Comic tag to China

Cartoon/Comic tag to Hong Kong
Cartoon/Comic tag to China

Anime/manga postcards tag to China

Moomin card/Wishlist card tag to Russia

=Wishlist card= to Russia (tagged and then realized I tagged my Russian postcard pal :'))


Misstigri card + the card Kim bought during our trip to Santa's village - to Kim :D - Already received :)

Thank you card to Japan
Aurora Borealis card to Australian postcard pal
Soul Eater card to Joonas

Inge Löök's Old Ladies cards to a Dutch postcard pal..

I can't understand how some people actually like these D:
to Ukraine via private swap

Letter to Germany (started the letter March 2nd.....)

Letter to Netherlands (started the letter February 8th.........)
Letter to Germany ("first page" of the letter written on that Gorjuss card :))

Plus Brave...

...and Jetoy cards :)
And finally a letter to D/Austria
More letter writing next week - as long as I manage to finish one small assignment tomorrow morning..


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thursday's Surprise!

A letter from a German girl I didn't think I'd hear from again..
Sent to my parents' address (nice to get mail to both addresses :))
She did that adorable bear origami(?) and to my disappointment only wrote a sentence or two of every question she was asked.. So it was an A5 paper written to nearly both sides :(


We'll see if anything is waiting for me at my apartment on Monday.. :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Incoming week #13 Tue & Wed

Had to leave early to my parents' place so I'll get Thursdays mail later on (if we even get mail on Thursday.. Who knows~)


Postcrossing card from Thailand

Lovely stamps :3

Postcrossing card from Russia
Another postcrossing card from Russia

Postcrossing card from Taiwan

The stamps :3
"Winter night" by Daria Nyberg
Cartoon tag from Russia

Drawn by Zhu Leyao
Cartoon tag from China :)

Love the stamps and the awesome drawing :3

Finland to other countries tag from Hong Kong (Iron Buddha tea inside the paper :3)
Postcard + surprises from Hong Kong (postcard pal :))

The card :3

And the small surprises :3

Moomin/Wishlist tag from Russia - 2 Alice in Wonderland cards :3

Postcrossing card from Belarus
And a big envelope from China

With all this inside ;;__;; It was like Christmas all over again ;;__;; Have to send something back to her!!