Friday, February 8, 2013

Written/Sent Week 6

I had a nice Monday, Tuesday was terrible (even though me and D got our Janetstore order and I got my DVDs from on Wednesday I was more or less in the bottom of my bed - a terrible migraine attack and a slight fever and Thursday was in a way a nightmare.. I didn't feel like doing anything and I was bursting into tears all the time.. Will be staying home on Friday and sleeping, getting healthy and ready for Lunar New Year on Sunday :)

Some mail missing! I forgot to take a photo of a private swap to Netherlands - 8 teas (I put in 12) and 13 unwritten postcards. I'm going to receive some Misstigri postcards from that swap!! :3

New Tea Tag to Russia

=Tea Tag= to Japan (2 Moomin teas plus one Pickwick tea)

=Tea Tag= to Ukraine
Postcrossing card to Netherlands

Postcrossing card to UK (UP! ;;__;;)

Postcrossing card to Spain

Send me a card from my album of favourites tag 2 to Taiwan

Anime/manga postcard tag to Hong Kong

Postcrossing cards to Singapore, Germany and Poland

Tags to Finland, China and Russia

Tags to Taiwan and Finland

Postcrossing cards to China, Netherlands and Ukraine

Not Your Country Tag to Netherlands

Not Your Country Tag to Taiwan

to a Japanese postcard pal
Only 2 letters written though I swore I'd write 28 during the month. I need to write loads during the weekend!!

Love the stamps~

Private swap to China

Weekend (Fri-Sun) mail will be added to next week's post :) CIAO!
Remember to tune in on my incoming mail post tomorrow evening~
I've received loads of mail this week and I'm SO thrilled!!


  1. You have Moomin tea????? That is so cool! I've never seen it here in Japan (we have a couple of Moomin shops in Tokyo and I love going there). Lucky you!

    And I hope you are feeling better. Take care!

    1. Yes, FINALLY :)
      The teas have been available since last summer :) There are 4 different teas - "Sweetheart" Black tea with wild strawberry flavor, "I Should Know" Black tea with lemon flavor, "Go For It" black tea with blueberry muffin flavor and "Moominmamma's Magic Potion" (My favorite!) black tea with rhubarb and strawberry :)

      Thank you! I feel okay but I think I'll stay inside the house until Sunday.. Or until I need to go grocery shopping :)