Monday, February 4, 2013


The week started off GREAT.
Got the student grant, was able to do some grocery shopping, bought new postcards and stamps (running out of 1st class stamps), went to two local flea markets and found something with less than 10€ AND.
My newest wig arrived today! :3

LOVE the bag it came in :3
D was as thrilled as I was and I might post pictures of it before Desucon Frostbite IF me and D ever manage to get those friend photos :) But this time it isn't Blonde. I have 5 different blonde wigs and those are enough.

And let's just say that I think Carols Wigs look better on the photos than those do while I'm wearing those..
On the other hand I had really crappy clothes on me but still..... :/

But usually those have worker just fine with cosplays..

THIS. I thought it would've been perfect but... I don't know.. I just didn't like it when it arrived.

the exact same wig.

and again.
This was for Rose Tyler cosplay

It was okay.. I just had problems with the hairdo :)
But like always, Asians are cuter.


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