Thursday, February 14, 2013

The PERFECT mail week 7 :)

The incoming of the week was a LOT better than I expected with LOADS of surprises starting from Monday :)


Swap from Poland - from a swap pal I hadn't heard from since last autumn!

PICKWICK TEAS!! Seriously, this week is just perfect!

5 new Pikwick teas :3

5 unwritten postcards from the swap

And stickers!! Just perfect!!

The sock card is from a Polish postcard pal, others are via postcrossing from USA, Russia (NEW KOTOVASIYA CARD!!) and Germany

Postcards via postcrossing forum - cat cards via Not Your Country tag - Hong Kong and Netherlands (I thought it was about sending a card of a city/country you're not from...... BUT I don't mind, new cat cards for my collections :)) and a Black and White tag from China

2 letters from Germany - 8 pages+sticker sheet+photos and 4 pages + used stamps :3

And the stamps they used!! :3 Love!!

=Tea tag= from Finland

New teas and Ice Coffee :3
Envelope full of goodies from Kim :3 (Valentine's stamp and the Disney Princess paper I bought for her back in 2010 :3)

3 pages long letter and 3 different teas - all new to me :D

And a Valentines card and 2 photos from our photoshoots in 2011 and 2012 :) - New photoshoot coming in March :)
Letter from South Korea - one of the first foreign pals I started writing with back in 2009, and the only one who didn't drop me!

Letter from Maria/Finland (Valentine's goodies inside :))
Postcrossing cards from Belarus and Russia

That "A" stamp from Belarus!! LOVE it!!
Postcrossing card from Finland

Tags from Hong Kong

Year of the snake stamp :D

And new bird stamps (haven't really seen those before :))

Official postcrossing card from Russia! :D It had been traveling for 40 days!
Maybe my card to Russia still has some hope?
On Tuesday my card to Hong Kong was registered after 33 days - the card to Russia has been traveling for 44 days :S
And other cards I'm loosing hope with - Ukraine (33 days) and China (31 days).. Though they do have Chinese New Year celebrations going on until next week so...... We'll see!

Moomin card/Wishlist card tag card from Germany :3

Cartoon/Comic strip/Anime postcards tag from Czech Republic

And a letter with 2 teas from Germany :3 (Apple and some sort of Lemon tea I think.......? :D)

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hyvää Ystävänpäivää!! :)

New Kotovasiya card from Germany
Cartoon/Comic strip/Anime postcards tag

Kuroshitsuji card! :3
Anime/manga postcards tag from Taiwan

New Jetoy :3
"Send me a postcard from my album of favourites tag 2" from Taiwan
Lovely envelope from UK

New stamp

Moomin card/Wishlist card tag (wished for fairies :))

And new stamps :3

All within that amazing envelope :3
No photos from Friday as I won't be at home checking it until the end of next week (Winter vacation \(^__^)/).

Take care and hope everyone of you has an amazing mail week~ :)


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  1. My card to Russia has been travelling for 29 days now..and I wonder if it will ever get registered...the person who should get my card has registered cards after 43 days or so who knows, maybe your card and mine will still get registered one day...I don't really have a lot of experience though with postcrossing yet...
    I've gotten a postcrossing card from Ukraine today, didn't expect that :)
    And also gotten a Ystävänpäivä card from Finland :)